’18 Art of Marketing Conference


AMA San Diego is happy to announce date for Art of Marketing 2018. Join us on May 11, 2018 at Crowne Plaza San Diego Mission Valley.

This year’s Art of Marketing theme is Breaking Through the Noise. Learn from marketing experts to help you build and grow your company by getting seen by more customers.


AMA San Diego is proud to present the Art of Marketing, a one-day, interactive forum of speakers, panels and one-to-one expert sessions designed to celebrate the marketing discipline. Marketers from across the West Coast will join us to seek inspiration and ideas to enhance their marketing effectiveness.


The Art of Marketing delivers real-world solutions in a live forum, with the goal to empower marketers in their career and help build and grow companies by delivering their messages to more customers. The conference combines practical, career and brand-advancing educational opportunities with networking access to marketing leaders and innovationists in a professional, fun atmosphere.

Join us at #SDAOM

In line with this year’s overall theme, the conference offers three different sessions:

Breaking through the noise to reach your target customer – An incredible amount of content is released every day, and it is becoming harder and harder to ever reach your target audience. How can you stand out and attract customers?

Breaking through the noise with the right tools – With more than 5,000 tools, applications and automation services available to the industry, marketers can choose from nearly an indefinite selection. But which ones really work for your business?

Breaking through the noise inside your organization – Marketers are increasingly being tasked with overall responsibility for customer experience. Gong beyond customer acquisition, they are asked to help with customer service, sales and even product considerations. How can marketers work effectively within their organization to successfully take on this extra responsibility?