Research and Insights Development SIG: Bridging the Vendor-Client Divide

Every year, companies pay millions of dollars to conduct research, and vendors supply millions of dollars in insights and recommendations. Vendors compete to be cutting-edge promising the latest and greatest research techniques, and companies shop around to see who can get the job done the fastest or cheapest – all within the limits of their “Approved Suppliers List.” Often, the relationship between client and vendor develops into a push-and-pull: vendors consistently try to “upsell” clients and expand their reach into an organization, and clients either accept or decline these overtures based on their own research agendas or budgets.

Please join AMA San Diego Research Special Interest Group (SIG) for a talk by Micah Lomax, Americas Brand Insights Manager at HP on Wednesday December 6, 5:30 – 7:30 PM.   The event will be held at University of San Diego, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice in Room A.


Bridging the Vendor-Client Divide: Avoiding Research Redundancy and Taking Insights Deeper.

This talk seeks to focus on the push-and-pull of that relationship from the perspective of both the vendor and the client. How can vendors grow their circle of impact in an organization by building a relationship of trust while avoiding the perception of opportunism? How can clients help vendors provide quality, useful insights and recommendations while also providing a bigger picture of how their research fits into the organization? Ideas will be offered and questions suggested for how we think about this interaction, and how we can embrace both the difficult and mutually beneficial aspects of this crucial business partnership.

Please allow additional time for parking.  Attendees should park in the West Parking Structure/Lot at University of San Diego.  To access the lot, enter the campus through the West Entrance by turning onto Marian Way from Linda Vista Road.  Free tram service is offered from the West Parking Structure up to the main campus.  The tram runs every 5 minutes and stops directly across the street from the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice.

Micah Lomax, HP Brand Insights Manager

Based in San Diego, Micah Lomax is the Americas Brand Insights Manager at HP specializing in marketing mix modelling and statistical analysis of marketing efforts for both the Print and Personal Systems businesses. His diverse background has resulted in teaching and research positions in both the music and business worlds, providing a creative perspective on market research and the delivery of data-based insights and recommendations. In his free time, Micah is an avid musician and dad to Samson the Golden Doodle.