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Looking for that great, game-changing opportunity? Have a passion to innovate and deliver award-winning career opportunities for professional marketers? Yes, you say? Then you should consider volunteering with the San Diego AMA.  SEE OPENINGS >Vol Mixer Resized

Why Volunteer?


  • Develop New Skills: It’s a great opportunity to hone or expand skills to apply in your day-to-day.
  • Share Your Expertise: Give back to the community by putting your marketing and events expertise to work.


  • Enrich Your Network: Develop meaningful connections with a network of marketing influencers.
  • Have Fun: Enjoy lots of laughs and make new friends with a great group of people.


  • Enhance Your Resume: Stand out in the stack. Many regional recruiters seek out our volunteers.
  • Propel Your Career: Gain valuable experiences and achieve your career goals faster.

Find the right volunteer opportunity for you!

Let us know how you’d like to get involved!

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Find the right volunteer opportunity to learn, connect and excel in your career. You’ll have the chance to work with an amazing team of marketers that share your passion for the industry. Grow  your professional network, and have fun while you’re at it!


Let us know how you’d like to get involved. Get in touch with us here.

Committee Opportunities

Co-VP Membership (Board Position)


If you love to connect with marketers and build a sense of community, you should consider the VP Membership role! Membership is our chapter’s #1 strategic focus area, and teams across the Board are creating exciting and exclusive new programs to enrich the San Diego AMA value proposition.

  • Grow and lead a team of committed, community-oriented volunteers while working collaboratively with Board Members to create new forms of Member Value; serve as Membership’s biggest advocate in Board planning and decision making.
  • Develop winning acquisition programs to grow awareness, nurture and convert new AMA Members; leverage and enhance integrated CRM to complement personal outreach
  • Manage the launch of an exciting and powerful new tool that delivers business exclusively for AMA Members.
  • Enhance retention efforts with personal and automated communications that reinforce Member value, encourage chapter activity engagement and benefit utilization, and solicit input for new opportunities.
  • Average 3-5 hours/week

Co-VP Events (Board Position)


Are you passionately curious about what’s next in marketing? Are you driven to produce innovative learning experiences for your peers? Help us take our award-winning programming to the next level!

  • Collaborate with President and Board to set the overall annual programming theme which carries through individual Signature Events, Mixers, Conferences and other face-to-face and digital events
  • Lead a team of engaged marketers to develop the programming calendar and mix events types, curate the speaker lineup, and prepare speakers for their session; provide executive guidance for conference programming.
  • Collaborate with cross-committee teams to provide enduring value to San Diego AMA Members and Partners through events with a solid mix of educational, networking, social content, activities, and peer-to-peer development.
  • Co-develop and manage budget; track KPIs and leverage insights and feedback to optimize future event experiences for AMA Members
  • Average 3-5 hours/week



  • Representing San Diego AMA, foster strong relationships with San Diego CMOs, CHROs and other business leaders to acquaint them with San Diego AMA employer engagement opportunities including group membership, professional development ticket bundles, event hosting, sponsorship, speaking engagements, skill development, team volunteer opportunities, and more!
  • Personally refer corporate partners to appropriate Board Members to explore corporate engagement opportunities in greater detail.
  • Support the launch and ongoing management of a new, innovative tool designed to deliver unique and extraordinary value to AMA Members and Partners.
  • Grow and develop a team of devoted volunteers to support Corporate Engagement initiatives and launches.
  • Avg. 3-5 hours/week



  • Work with the President to prepare minutes, annual reports and document Chapter history is a key part of that success.
  • Help President and Board Members prepare for Board Meetings by gathering agenda requests and items for Board vote.
  • Maintain chapter history, organize chapter documents in Google Drive, and record actions from Board meetings in Asana.
  • Average 1-4 hours/week

Event Programming Manager (Events)

  • Engage and connect with influential marketers by reaching out or following up with prospective speakers, panelists and moderators
  • Vet their alignment against San Diego AMA brand, member needs, and events programming plans; recommend top candidates to VP Events to confirm
  • Desirable skills: Applied marketing knowledge and a passion to create exceptional learning opportunities for modern-day marketers
  • Avg. 2-3 hours per week

Content Manager

  • Passion for writing
  • Write engaging copy for weekly emails promoting upcoming events and other AMA happenings
  • Write content for event pages on corporate website

Earned Media Manager (Marketing)

  • Author 1-2 press releases per month on initiatives, announcements and events; distribute through media channels; and pitch to media outlets to garner earned publicity
  • Prefer an English, communications, PR or journalism background or similar experience, an eye for editing and a tone that matches that of our brand
  • 2-3 hours per month

Marketing Website Manager (Marketing)

  • Great opportunity to get valuable experience with WordPress CMS–one of the most common website content management systems
  • Work with VP Integrated Coms and other team members to update sdama.org website pages with intuitive copy, visuals, formatting, headers, and tags to enrich SEO and drive engagement/conversions
  • Minimal html and WordPress experience, organization, and can-do attitude a plus!
  • 2-3 hours per week

Acquisition & Campaign Manager (Membership)

  • Create and manage fun, engaging programs that effectively communicate the value and advantage of AMA membership to drive new member signups
  • Lead the member acquisition promotional campaigns
  • Collaborate with leaders from the Events, Partnerships, and Marketing divisions to identify synergies that drive new memberships
  • 1-2 hours/wk

New Member Engagement Manager (Membership)

  • In this fun, relationship-building role, you’ll serve as an AMA ambassador by personally welcoming all new Members to the AMA marketing community leveraging innovative, interpersonal communication technologies
  • Help members identify new, exciting ways to get the most value out of their AMA Membership and provide incentives to utilize benefits
  • Collaborate with the VP of Membership and VP of Programming on New Member Welcome activities in conjunction with chapter events
  • 1-2 hrs/wk

Value Development Manager (Membership)

  • You’ll have the opportunity to manage and enhance programs that offer new, innovative forms of value and access for AMA Members while growing your network of top San Diego marketers!
  • Develop campaign that encourages Members to utilize their benefits and serve as “AMA advocates”
  • Lead the Preferred Partner Program program and expand the the portfolio of marketing service providers that offer exclusive discounts and perks for San Diego AMA Members.
  • Be the voice of the AMA Membership
  • 1-2 hours/wk

  • Serve as primary sponsor relationship manager ensuring sponsors are aware of their benefits and reminded of their value, personally inviting to engagement opportunities and proactively seeking unique value-add partnership opportunities
  • Track to ensure sponsors are receiving benefits per agreement (e.g. logo inclusion) and create recap summaries that reinforce the value of sponsor benefits and reach to support contract renewal
  • Participate in recurring sponsorship meetings and networking engagements (in-person and virtually)
  • 1-2 hours per week

  • Procure sponsorship partners across a vareity of industries
  • Experience in development of sponsorship partnerships is highly desirable
  • Develop and finalize sponsorship contracts
  • Participate in recurring sponsorship meetings and networking engagements (in-person and virtually)
  • 1-2 hours per week

Sponsorship Fulfillment Manager (Sponsorship)

  • Support ongoing account management of in-kind sponsors for San Diego AMA. Specific categories of sponsorship account management include media, design, agency, and others.
  • Experience in development of sponsorship partnerships is highly desirable
  • Ensure contract obligations are met
  • Participate in recurring sponsorship meetings and networking engagements (in-person and virtually)
  • 1-2 hours per week

Sponsorship Director - Team Lead (Cause Conference)

  • Lead team to identify and align value-added partnership solutions, develop partnerships to achieve cash and in-kind sponsorship goals
  • Oversee fulfillment efforts
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Sponsorship Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop and renew conference sponsorships in support of sponsors’ engagement and business goals
  • Support relationship management and fulfillment tracking
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Fulfillment and Exhibition Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Coordinate sponsor and exhibitor booths including logistics, swag, layout, and exhibitor communications
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Programming Director - Team Lead (Cause Conference)

  • Collaborating with Chairs, lead team to identify topics, brands, and speakers to align with conference content goals
  • Collaborate with Marketing to relay programming content and speaker info for promos and materials
  • Lead team to achieve deadlines and goals
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Speaker Relations Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Works with the Program Chair to describe the content parameters with potential and secured speakers
  • Procures outline and speaker materials before the event for proper alignment
  • Provide all session and speaker info to Marketing for materials and promo channels
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Attendee Engagement Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop and manage activities and mobile app to drive meaningful engagement among attendees, exhibitors and speakers
  • Support prize coordination
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Programming Content Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Collects assets, refines and develops content for website, digital engagement mobile app, and conference program
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Logistics Coordination Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Create a meaningful, positive event experience with strategic event space planning, layout and traffic flow, room assignments, signage, parking, AV
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Reception Coordination Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Manage event logistics, catering, and programming for day-before activities including the pre-con Mixer
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Volunteers Coordination Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Works with VP Collegiate Relations to secure day-of volunteers
  • Meets with volunteer in advance to train and support
  • Coordinates assignments and volunteers day of the event
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Research Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Manage and administer the market research insights-gathering process sharing insights from past years and collecting insights needs to optimize future Cause Conference
  • Prepare report of findings to report out in post-mortem
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Marketing Director - Team Lead (Cause Conference)

  • Lead Cause Conference Marketing Subcommittee to deliver strategic, accurate conference marketing promotions (e.g., email, web, social, content, PR, advertising) and materials (e.g., signage, booklet) and achieve conference coms goals.
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Integrated Communications Strategist (Cause Conference)

  • Develops com plan and key messaging; support the integration of promotional messaging, timing, development, and messaging alignment across marketing channels (e.g., email, web, social, content, PR, advertising)
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Earned Media Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Author press releases and pitch conference to traditional and media outlets for earned coverage
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Advertising Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop content for TV, radio, print, search, display timeline; manage ad timelines and coordinate all ad deliverables (excluding social ads)
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Content Marketing Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Manage content marketing schedule/topics, sourcing (e.g., sponsors, speakers), conversion strategy, distribution of content including blog, podcasts, and video
  • Optimize for conversion
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Social Media Marketing Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop ticket sales social media strategy
  • Creates and manages social content calendar to integrate w/ Board social (Board to publish)
  • Sources content for social media from key partners (e.g., sponsors) including paid social media advertising
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Copywriting Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop email content, flyer content, and promotional collateral content
  • Support review and approval major marketing materials
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Analytics Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop and implement a tagging strategy for marcom efforts, provide recurring reports and recommendations for optimization of campaigns across email, web, and social
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Outreach Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Develop, manage outreach to stakeholder communities/alliances to encourage cross-promotion
  • Develop templates and leverage resources for partners to use
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

Programming Content Manager (Cause Conference)

  • Collects assets, refines and develops content for website, mobile app, and conference program
  • Avg 2-5 hrs/wk (thru Sep 2017)

We love our volunteers!

They’re an eclectic group of marketers who bring brilliant ideas and inspiration to the San Diego AMA. It’s their hard work and dedication that deliver award-winning content and career-advancing opportunities for the San Diego marketing community.

Learn more about our fantastic volunteers here, or become a volunteer and be a part of the team!

Vol Mixer Resized



 The San Diego AMA Board and 2015 Art of Marketing conference volunteers. 

Let us know how you’d like to get involved!


Fellow San Diego Marketers! Join us in an exciting opportunity to make a big difference for San Diego children through our partnership with the United Way of San Diego.

Did you know: Kids who struggle to read, struggle to spell, and those from low-income families are 6 times less likely to graduate?

The San Diego AMA is looking for 2-3 marketers with tactical direct mail experience — list acquisition, copywriting, and design — who are willing to provide an extra group of eyes to help the United Way of San Diego with its upcoming drive. This is an important donation drive for the United Way with a specific focus on children’s education, which has already provided a much-needed, positive impact to the community.

Individuals who are interested can get in touch directly with Brandon Hull brandon.hull@sdama.org or (760) 218-4531, or fill out the form below to get in touch with us.

United Way Volunteer

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