Bringing It All Together

Ginny Beneke

Integrated marketing campaigns present a unified message to your customers

With so many channels impacted by today’s marketing campaigns, it’s tricky to make sure they’re all giving your customers the same information at the same time. There are you digital channels, from PR to content to social, traditional channels like broadcast and print media, and even physical channels like retail, distribution and packaging.

Then, of course, there’s the human element. When you roll out a campaign, what involvement do your employees at all levels have? How about your partners? And most importantly, your customers? Where and how are they talking about you, and how do you respond? It’s critical that all these elements work harmoniously together to give your customers the best possible experience, and your campaign the best chance to succeed.

We explored the challenges and rewards of a thoughtful, unified approach to marketing with Ginny Beneke, who is leading our June 14-15 Integrated Campaign Planning Workshop. Ginny is formerly CMO of the National University system and currently leads a business leadership consultancy. In a wide-ranging discussion that drew from the subject matter of several of our recent events, we talked with her about the relationship between integrated campaigns and personas, the customer experience, multi-channel attribution and agile marketing.

San Diego AMA Podcast, June 6, 2017: Bringing It All Together


If you like this discussion, you’ll find our two-day Integrated Campaign Planning Workshop invaluable. Roll up your sleeves with us June 14-15 at UC San Diego Extension and come away with a completed integrated marketing plan to help guide you when building future campaigns for your business or organization.