Cannabis Marketing

The brave new world of weed

Kendra Losee of Mota Marketing, left, and Roni Stetter of Righteous Relations with show host Bill Winn.

On January 1, 2018, when California Proposition 64 takes full effect, marketers in the cannabis industry will take center stage as “adult” marijuana use becomes legal.

Use of the word “adult” isn’t an accident. Industry insiders prefer that term to “recreational”. They’re eager for perception of their core product to evolve from an outdated stoner image to that of a wellness aid and pain remedy.

There are plenty of nuances to marketing in a sector that is soon to explode, from labeling to digital channels to outdoor and print advertising. We brought in cannabis marketing experts Kendra Losee of Mota Marketing and Roni Stetter of Righteous Relations to educate us on the challenges and opportunities they’re helping their clients navigate.

Tune in for a preview of the industry you’ll see in full bloom next year.

AMA San Diego Podcast, Dec. 5, 2017: Cannabis Marketing