Five Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog


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If you spend your valuable time writing a blog that no one reads, this post is for you. At College Magazine, we help national brands achieve viral marketing through content. We close the loop by looking at each article from a marketing point of view. This is because we’ve learned that if the article doesn’t sell itself, it’s not worth writing.

Here are five reasons why your readers don’t click on your content, let alone stick around for a full minute to digest your information:

  1. You wrote something that already exists. Google your idea before you start writing. Do the first results give you an answer? Read these existing blogs and then determine how your information will compete. Not sure how to compete? Come see my presentation at the Art of Marketing conference on November 3, 2016 to learn some great tips!
  2. Your topic’s reach is too general. Before you write, get as narrow as you possibly can. Instead of sharing marketing tactics to all business owners, zero in on tech-savvy San Diego realtors. Here’s an example of an article where we attract our audience by location, age and specific interest: 21 Date Spots in Boston When You’re Under 21.
  3. Your blog doesn’t answer a question that readers ask through search. Think about your blog in the form of a question. In other words, someone might ask, “What gift should I get my girlfriend?” Physically Google that query. Then when you get “The 10 Best Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants,” you have a perfect example of an article answer. See, now wasn’t that easy?
  4. Your SEO tactics have failed and you can’t be found on search. You’ve researched your competitors, but did you take a look at their title tag (fancy word for the SEO title), H1 (fancy term for your post title) and meta description (that enticing little blurb below the image on social media posts)? Craft yours to #win.
  5. You’ve written a scary wall of content—AHHH!! Always seek to break your information down into a list (or subsections). Be sure to tell your readers in the title that they’re about to get “21 Fun Things to Do on the Internet” versus “How to Spend Your Time Enjoying the Internet.”

Think those are the only reasons? Absolutely not! I’ve got five more that are even more important than these.

To hear them, join me Nov. 3 at the 2016 Art of Marketing conference where I’ll share my best tips for creating content people want to read and share.


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