Happiness at Burger Lounge

Burger Lounge, Robert Lane

San Diego-based fast casual dining chain aspires to do a common thing uncommonly well

Burger Lounge has reached 20 Southern California locations and continues to grow with a laser focus on the customer experience. With a menu dominated by natural ingredients, a modern design ethos and customer service upgrades from fast food industry standards, the brand stands in stark contrast from the typical burger joint.

Burger Lounge Vice President of Marketing Robert Lane joined us to talk about his brand’s approach to fast casual dining. Robert was kind enough to share with us a sense of his company’s philosophy in all kinds of areas, from location selection to menu updates, from visual design to social media. This podcast might not hit your brain’s pleasure receptors like a meal at one of Robert’s restaurants; just think of it as the next best thing.


Segment 1: Doing a Common Thing Uncommonly Well


Segment 2: Getting the Little Things Right


Segment 3: A Crowded Field


Segment 4: What the Future Holds


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