Niche Business Marketing

Sacha Ferrandi, Source Capital Funding, Evan Harris, SD Equity Partners

Sacha Ferrandi of Source Capital Funding Inc., left and Evan Harris of SD Equity Partners.

Unique, local firms illustrate the value of digital strategies

Hard money lending is a lesser-known and somewhat misunderstood part of the real estate capital market. Essentially, hard money lenders provide emergency or bridge loans to real estate purchasers whose credit or transaction timing won’t support a traditional mortgage. By using private money, hard money lenders can take risks that a typical bank cannot in exchange for a higher rate of return.

But the market for hard money lending is a small fraction of that for traditional loans, and many property buyers don’t even know what ‘hard money’ is. As a result, broad-based awareness strategies are ineffective for the businesses that provide these types of loans. To be successful, these businesses must find ways to reach potential customers with the right message at exactly the right time, mostly when customers are searching for their services without even knowing it.

Sacha Ferrandi and Evan Harris operate complementary local hard money lending businesses. Ferrandi’s Source Capital Funding Inc. provides emergency and bridge loans to owners of single family residences and commercial properties, while Harris’s SD Equity Partners provides construction loans to the fix & flip market.

The two joined us in the studio to discuss the unique challenges and solutions of marketing their niche businesses with an emphasis on SEO, PPC, unique keywords and customer testimonials.

Segment 1: Hard Money Lending Defined


Segment 2: Niche Businesses Depend on Digital


Segment 3: Testimonials Drive New Relationships


Segment 4: The Importance of Local Search Marketing