Our Top Content in 2017

Which ‘Knowledge’ posts got the most views last year?

One of our primary purposes is to provide marketers with quality content that equips them to improve their performance and solve problems. In addition, we hope to update readers on what AMA San Diego is up to.

At the conclusion of every year, we review our site analytics to understand what content interests readers the most. We’re pleased to share the results with you.

In 2017, we published 48 Knowledge posts and our page views for all Knowledge content, published this year or earlier, increased by more that 50%! If you check out our 2016 year in review, you’ll notice some repeats. Since we don’t actively promote older posts, we know they benefit extensively from organic search. Thanks Google!

Here are our top 10 Knowledge posts of 2017 based on page views.

  1. Projective Techniques in Qualitative Market Research. For the second year in a row, this post takes the top spot on our list! The post was original published in February, 2015 by AMA San Diego sponsor Q2 Insights. In its third year on the site, it’s going stronger than ever.
  2. Semiotics in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #3. Another piece from Q2 Insights, this post has also retained its spot as the second most viewed. The article was first published in April, 2015.
  3. Biometrics Applications in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #2. Q2 Insights is on a roll! Also from the Game Changing Marketing research series, this post (published April, 2015) moves up two spots on our list.
  4. Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms: We predicted last year that the glossary would be a helpful tool, educating readers about everything from A/B Testing to UX (user experience).
  5. Customer Relationship Management at SONY Electronics. After five years, this podcast remains one of our most visited pieces of content. A podcast post from March 2013, this article has kept momentum exclusively through organic search traffic.
  6. Social Desirability in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #5: An additional post from Q2 Insights, this post has also been going strong since June of 2015. Q2 Insights’ Game Changing Marketing Research Series has been a huge driver of organic traffic.
  7. Neuroscience Applications in Marketing Research. After almost three years, this post has risen to to the top ten. Written by Q2 Insights’ Paul L Nunez, Ph.D, this post analyzes the impact of neuroscience on marketing. The conscious and subconscious both play huge roles.
  8. 2017 Cause Conference Preview. Excitement surrounding this year’s Cause Conference drove this podcast featuring the co-chairs into the top ten. This piece encouraged nearly 400 purpose-driven marketers to attend.
  9. Giving Back with Baron’s & Bay City. In this podcast back in July, we highlighted local businesses that embrace social responsibility. Greg Anderson, co-owner of Bay City Brewing Co., and Rachel Shemirani, VP of Marketing for Baron’s Market, joined us in the studio.
  10. The Case for Free Content. Who doesn’t love free content? Well, some businesses struggle to adapt to the concept.  However, it’s a powerful marketing tool when done correctly. Bonnie Nicholls’ post from June rounds out our top 10 from 2017. Bonnie explains how free content that is useful can increase conversions.

Based on our top 10 posts, what our readers were most interested in finding solutions to marketing problems, new research, and socially responsible companies and their effect on marketing.

Lastly, here are some posts that were published late in 2017, but we think they deserve your attention. We expect them to gain popularity in 2018:

  1. Cannabis Marketing. On January 1st, 2018 California Prop 64 went into effect authorizing the legalization of recreational marijuana. How will marketers shed the “stoner” image of cannabis and appeal to a more “adult” market?
  2. When Customer Experience IS the Product. More than any other industry, in hospitality, the customer is king. The customer experience is your product. In this special podcast, we heard from Director of Marketing Erika DiProfio of Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, and customer experience expert Jeofrey Bean, author of the Customer Experience Revolution and Principal Consultant at Del Mar Research.
  3. Why Should I Podcast. Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? It’s a great storytelling medium, perfect for marketers, and you can listen to it while you’re on the go. In this podcast, we describe some popular podcasting benefits and tactics.

AMA San Diego seeks to publish an average of four original pieces of content per month that inform, educate and entertain members of the San Diego marketing community. Our content calendar is strongly informed by the our event schedule, so pay attention to learn what we’re up to!

Is there a topic you’d like to see us address in a blog post or podcast? Let us know by emailing content[at]sdama[dot]org.

Here’s to an AMAzing 2018!