Personal Brand and Company Culture

Katy Goshtasbi

Individual happiness and company success are inextricably linked

Katy Goshtasbi’s business is called Puris Personal Branding, but she works with executive and corporate teams on much more than CV tips and dressing for success. While those things are certainly important, Katy argues that we owe it to ourselves to answer far more fundamental questions. How did we get to this point in our careers? Do we love what we’re doing? What are we really good at? Does our work reflect our happiness, or something else?

Only when we’ve answered these questions and others can we begin to tell our personal story, and have a chance at company success. After all, Katy asserts, people buy people before they buy products or services, and we must make sense of our personal stories before we can successfully tell our brand’s.

Listen in to this podcast to hear much more about Katy’s unique approach to personal branding and its intersection with marketing.

San Diego AMA Podcast, June 20, 2017: Personal Brand and Company Culture