Rebrand, Coming Right Up!

Compilation of North America chapter logos illustrates an absence of cohesion prior to AMA global rebrand initiative.

San Diego chapter charts course to align with new AMA global identity

Not content to rest on its laurels as the world’s largest marketing organization, the American Marketing Association has recently undergone some major changes.

First, the AMA announced its first-ever Intellectual Agenda, which seeks to address the seven problems of greatest importance to marketers. These include everything from digital transformation to globalization. Learn more here.

Then, the organization relocated its Chicago headquarters to One Prudential Plaza. The eye-catching new home features 22,000 square feet of open office environment with 24 public meeting spaces and is open to all AMA members to utilize as a home away from home.

The AMA also relaunched its Marketing Resource Directory and established a new Speakers Bureau.

Most visibly, the AMA has adopted a new global identity to reflect its position as the essential community for marketers. The new logo is simple and versatile but embodies the trend forwardness and bias toward action of the AMA community.

The mark also supports the organization’s new brand tagline, “Answers in Action,” which captures the unique fusion between scholarly research and managerial relevance found in the AMA.

“Our new logo elegantly reflects our forward thinking orientation that sits at the critical nexus of best and next practices,” said AMA CEO Russ Klein. “The brand identity, tagline and logo have changed to better distinguish the AMA on a global, national, and local level.”

Watch this video to gain insight into the inspiration behind the transformation:

The rebrand is already reflected comprehensively on the national organization’s website.

What does this have to do with us?

As it turns out, quite a bit. Read on!

All AMA chapters have until roughly the end of 2017 to rebrand themselves in alignment with the new global identity. All chapters will adopt a form of the new logo, font and color scheme and follow the naming convention “AMA [geography]”.

Most chapter leaders here and elsewhere view this as a positive development given the lack of brand cohesion traditionally seen throughout the organization.

Adherence to a new standard will better reinforce the notion that AMA chapters share a lot more than a parent. We share a global mission of connecting like‐minded individuals to foster knowledge sharing and relationship building; to be a trusted resource for marketing information, tools, education and training; and to advance marketing practice and thought leadership.

How will this change be manifested for our chapter?

  • Name change from San Diego AMA to AMA San Diego (we’ve already started to use the new convention, more here)
  • URL change from to
  • New social media account names
  • Overhaul of all chapter visuals, from website to event banners
  • Adoption of the new global tagline, “Answers in Action”

Don’t get us wrong, this change does not come without a hint of sadness for us. We’ve always been proud of our unique look, bold color scheme, and symbolic tagline, “Learn. Connect. Excel”.

But we’re all in and on board as part of the vital worldwide AMA brand. The chapter has tapped loyal volunteer and branding superstar Arin Winkler of Winkler Designs to spearhead the effort. Arin has joined the AMA San Diego board as Vice President, Brand.

Now, you won’t be surprised when you wake one morning to find your local AMA chapter looking radically different. Watch this space, big changes are coming!

And don’t miss our big rebrand celebration event July 25 at Spark Event Center, Miramar.