Research & Trends in Hispanic Marketing

Mary Beth McCabe, left, and Marina Anderson

Experts talk social media, mobile devices, authenticity and sustainability

Hispanics today are estimated to comprise the second largest ethnic group in the United States at 52 million people or just under 17% of the national population. As such, they draw lots of attention from both traditional and digital marketers, not the least of which are those in AMA San Diego’s Hispanic Marketing Special Interest Group.

Mary Beth McCabe, Associate Professor at National University and Owner, Sun Marketing, leads the SIG, while Marina Anderson, principal consultant at Anderson Marketing Insights is a regular participant. Also, Marina was recently named Vice President of SIGs for the chapter.

Both of these Hispanic Marketing experts conduct extensive research and advise major brands on how to effectively reach Hispanic consumers and authentically represent Hispanic-influenced products. They offered to join us in the studio to share some of their knowledge on topics of importance to Hispanic marketers, we had to take advantage!


San Diego AMA Podcast, July 18, 2017: Research & Trends in Hispanic Marketing