The Value of Sponsorship

Learn how to make sponsorship a worthwhile investment

Anetra Henry-Hunting is AMA San Diego’s Vice President of Sponsorships. In that role, and you can trust us on this, she expends as much energy making sure our sponsors get what they pay for as she does asking them for contributions. And, as the principal of The Hunting Group and a self-described ROI enforcer, she brings the right perspective to the job.

In this podcast, Anetra shares dos, don’ts and best practices to help sponsors and entities seeking sponsorships get the most from their relationship. For example, how do the parties structure a win-win agreement? How can the sponsor prepare to take advantage of all the benefits of its sponsorship? How does the sponsor measure return on investment? How can the sponsor be sure its contributions are being spent for their intended purpose? How do the parties know when it’s time to take a break?

To hear how brands can make sponsoring commercial and nonprofit entities a worthwhile investment, tune in!

San Diego AMA Podcast, June 27, 2017: Managing Sponsorship

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