Our Top Content in 2016

What you read and listened to most last year

Any agile content marketer should review strategies and tactics regularly to determine what’s working and where to make improvements.

San Diego AMA constantly examines the performance of its content and conducts a comprehensive review at the end of each year.

With the turning of the calendar, we figured we’d share with you some insights on the content posted to the “Knowledge” portion of our website.

Overall, pageviews were up more than 160% in 2016 vs 2015, so we must be doing something right.

In 2016, we posted 60 pieces of content if we count a blog post technically published on the second-to-last day of 2015.

Here were our top 10 posts in 2016 by pageviews:

  1. Projective Techniques in Qualitative Market Research by San Diego AMA sponsor Q2 Insights, Feb. 9, 2015. This post, nearly two years old, earned more than 45% of all our Knowledge pageviews in 2016. Without the benefit of promotion, it is achieving its traffic strictly through organic search.
  2. Semiotics in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #3, another piece on marketing research from Q2 Insights, April 20, 2015.
  3. Customer Relationship Management at SONY Electronics, San Diego AMA podcast, March 20, 2013. Like the first two posts, this podcast has earned its keep through organic search results, but in this case for nearly four years.
  4. PayLease Finds a Game Changer in Agile by San Diego AMA content volunteer Bonnie Nicholls, Aug. 1, 2016.
  5. Biometrics Applications in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #2, Q2 Insights again, April 13, 2015. They are clearly our MVP with three of our top five pieces of content in 2016, all written in 2015.
  6. Closing the Loop in 2016-17 by San Diego AMA board member Jacques Pavlenyi, Aug. 24, 2016. As our VP of Programming, Jacques put together our excellent calendar of events between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, and discussed the programming theme for these events in this post. Jacques has moved back to New York at the behest of his employer, IBM. The chapter will miss Jacques but we are grateful the leadership of our programming now resides in the capable hands of Danielle Hashem.
  7. Facebook Reshuffles the Deck for Marketers (Again) by Bill Winn, San Diego AMA VP of Content, July 4, 2016.
  8. Marketing to Generation Z: Transparency and the Bigger Picture, by Sacha Ferandi of Source Capital Funding, Dec. 30, 2015.
  9. To Purpose Or Not to Purpose: A Debate for the Ages by 2016 San Diego AMA Cause Conference speaker Bea Boccalandro, Apr. 5, 2016.
  10. 5 Website Conversion Tactics You Need to Implement Yesterday by Sam Wheeler of business advice website 365businesstips.com, Aug. 28, 2016.

For those keeping score, of our 10 best performing pieces of content last year, half were effectively published during the 2016 calendar year (including #8 above published on Dec. 30, 2015). This is both an endorsement of social and email promotion and evidence of organic keyword authority.

Left off the list above are some informative and topical pieces that we expect to continue gaining traffic in 2017, especially a few we published late in the year:

  • Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms, published Dec. 19, 2016. This 6,500-word piece compiled by the chapter provides definitions and examples for some of the most common and important terms in digital marketing. Bookmark this page for the next time you need to look up a key term like canonical, omnichannel or programmatic.
  • Awareness Content: A Primer by 2016 San Diego AMA Art of Marketing conference speaker Nick Slettengren, Nov. 21, 2016. If you want to learn some great techniques for finding and publishing content that ranks highly and earns traffic, check out this post!
  • Why Aren’t Your Leads Converting, a San Diego AMA podcast, Nov. 7, 2016. 2016 Art of Marketing speaker Shelly Bowen gave us some of the highlights from her #SDAOM session on the nine most common reasons why your conversion rate might be low, for example, if your timing is poor or you haven’t established credibility.

San Diego AMA seeks to publish an average of four original pieces of content per month, and our goal is simply to inform, educate and entertain members of the San Diego marketing community. Often, we draw inspiration from our events calendar so you’ll notice some synergies between our schedule of events and new content in our Knowledge section.

Is there a topic you’d like to see us address in a blog post or podcast? Let us know by emailing content@sdama.org.