Video Options Galore

Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, oh my! (No, we didn’t forget Instagram)

Today’s marketers have more choices than ever for sharing video content. With social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in the marketplace, the big questions are, where will your customers be watching and how do you get started?

Mike Matamala, VP of Social and Earned Media at San Diego AMA and Multi-Media Designer at Holdrite was in studio as a guest host as we learned more about video and social media from Tammy Duggan-Herd, PhD. Tammy is a Market Research Analyst at Campaign Creators. She provided some great tips on how to get started, helped us recognize video trends, identified which platforms are favored by different demographics, including channel trends, and discussed technical limitations.


San Diego AMA Podcast, May 16, 2017: Video Options Galore

Tammy has published a blog that should convince any CMO to make video a pillar in today’s marketing strategy. Find her article here.

Want to learn how to produce and use video with a low budget?

Tammy and her team at Campaign Creators are hosting a live webinar with SD Inbound Marketing on how to produce and use video, including a special question and answer portion. Register here.

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