Why Aren’t Your Leads Converting?


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If your marketing funnel is loaded with prospects and you’ve got a great offer but your conversion rates aren’t up to par, what gives? According to Pybop content strategist Shelly Bowen, there are nine major reasons in three broad categories: brand story, technical, timing, or some combination of these.

Shelly presented the nine most common reasons why leads don’t convert at our 2016 Art of Marketing conference Nov. 3 in Del Mar. She shares the highlights of that discussion in this podcast.

Segment 1: Content strategy defined… Talking to the wrong people at the wrong time


Segment 2: Don’t interrupt… Keep it simple… Tell me why


Segment 3: It’s not you, it’s me… Let me see some credentials


Segment 4: I’m overwhelmed… You’ll never know if you don’t ask…