Kimberly Parker is an experienced business professional with a passion for people, purpose and entrepreneurship. She is an AMA-zing volunteer for the 2017 Cause Conference. Kim has years of marketing experience and is passionate about helping others.

Favorite Brand: For higher purpose, I really respect Google for their ability to change and connect the world and also they give back huge to charities and nonprofits like ourselves.
Favorite Nugget of Wisdom: I was raised by very honest and hard-working parents. They instilled in me a work ethic and belief that you can have whatever you want or need in life as long as you do it with passion and integrity. That upbringing was a blessing and as an adult I have focused on helping others more than I take and to go after what I want in life without seeing roadblocks just solutions to challenges.
Who inspires you and why: People. I am inspired daily by those people I keep close and by interactions and conversations with strangers.
What am I passionate about: Business and collaboration to help others succeed! Working at Lightpost Digital has allowed me to have my hands in a lot of different industries and work with people that are passionate about their businesses.
How has the AMA helped me excel in my career: Creating learning and networking opportunities with people in my industry and with business leaders in San Diego.
What excites me most about Cause Conference 2017: Being able to be part of a team that is focused on placing San Diego as a leader in purpose driven enterprise. We live in an absolutely amazing city that is already forging the way for technology, renewable energy and science. It only makes sense to add the extra layer that will really ignite the community and businesses that call San Diego home.

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