Maileen is a CPA and Sr. Business Advisor with Bolder Business Advisors CPA, PC (BBAcpa), a 10 person CPA firm based in Boulder and San Diego that specializes in providing virtual CFO, advisory and accounting services to marketing, creative and digital agencies as well as emerging growth technology and service based businesses. She is part of a team that helps companies unleash the transformative power of their finances. When looking at a company’s financial picture, they see nuance, challenge, and opportunity – all waiting to be charted and navigated. They provide more than a set of financial reports, they provide the story behind the numbers and help businesses strategize a path forward towards positive growth.

BBAcpa is passionate about working with creative agencies and technology startups. They are immersed in these rapid-growth industries and value their craft. By pairing their niche expertise with cutting-edge technology, they bring financial peace of mind to creative companies. They strive to maintain a collaborative and complementary relationship with their clients to empower and drive businesses to success.
What Excites You Most about AMA? I am most excited about the quality of educational events, the amount of resources and the top notch community of marketers the AMA provides marketing professionals with to become “Powerhouse Marketers”.
Role on Board: As the Treasurer of the AMA, I provide the organization with not only accurate and reliable financial reporting, but with a clear story behind their numbers and a vision and strategy to meet the organization’s annual goals. By meeting annual financial goals, the AMA is able to confidently plan exceptional programs and events for its members.
Which brand do you admire most? I admire Apple and the transformation its brand has experienced since its inception in the 70’s. They are successful at creating a cult following that touches people emotionally. They stay committed to their brand identity and focus on delivering products and services that people encompass into their daily lives.

What (or Who) Inspires You, and Why? My children inspire me everyday. Their young and untainted views on life and their never ending creative energy inspire me to not forget my inner child and never stop being a dreamer and a creator

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