Marina is a market research independent consultant and founder of Anderson Marketing
Insights. She helps her clients to understand the diverse consumers in the US and how to apply
those insights to make better business decisions. Marina has vast experience in North America
and internationally having lived and worked in Mexico, Brazil and the USA. She is an expert in
the Hispanic market in the US, being herself a Latina and having specialized in Hispanic
marketing in the last years.

What is your favorite brand and why?
I love the Apple brand. It is intuitive and was visionary of what consumers needed before they
knew they needed it. The great design is not only beautiful but it helps to simplify the tasks and
makes handling a product a great experience.
What is your favorite business/marketing quote?
Carpe Diem – I think this applies to life and work. If you enjoy what to you do and take
advantage of every minute that you dedicate to your work life will feel richer and more

What do you love about AMA?
Having the opportunity to connect with the vibrant San Diego marketing community and
learning from others and the AMA’s capabilities.

What is your one gold nugget of business/marketing wisdom?
Walk in your consumers’/clients’ shoes. Deeply understand the target customer and if possible
experience life as they do. This will help create the products and services that are relevant for

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