What is your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand right now is Hubspot, the Inbound Marketing Gurus. Hubspot’s Marketing Library is full of free resources that are relevant, comprehensive, customizable and packaged in easy to access formats. Their categories range from social media and content marketing to seo and web design. They stay current with digital marketing trends and know what it means to “nurture” and provide value with free content strategies and tactics serving consultants, small businesses, agency and corporate audiences. They are one of my primary go-to resources for reference of inbound marketing best practice guides and case studies, trending topic eBooks, and useful customizable templates. Content topics include areas such as buyer personas, content mapping, blog guides, visual content creation tips, and many checklists and tip sheets for implementing inbound marketing campaigns.

What do you love about AMA

The AMA has proven over and over to be a solid professional resource and sounding board for me. I have explored many aspects of my career goals through participating on different committees and diving into processes such as event programming, communications, analytics, sponsorship and conference support. I’ve also been mentored through the process, which is much more than I originally anticipated signing up as a student member a few years back before I’d moved here to San Diego. I have many years working as a professional in small business and corporate settings, however, as a life-long learner I truly appreciate the ongoing support I receive from the AMA in particular to guide me through exploring new areas where I’ve shown interest. I appreciate the fact that everyone is a volunteer and actively working as a professional in these areas. I also love that the members have just as much of a deep and tender joy for marketing as myself — marketing geeks are my peeps! Whether it’s digital marketing, brand building, events and educational programs or direct communications and community building, the AMA is “all-in”.  I like that I’ve been able to engage with the the monthly programming of signature events and educational programs growing my networks. The ongoing activities like the mixers and conferences have proven to be a great place for me to cultivate and foster fruitful relationships that only lead to more opportunities. I’ve developed quality connections within the many marketing sectors here in San Diego in an unparalleled amount of time!


What is your one gold nugget of business/marketing wisdom?

Integration. I try to incorporate this theme in all of my endeavors. Whether a large project or a specific event, utilizing both traditional and non-traditional channels are still important for brand marketing and communications. Knowing there are multiple ways to have conversations and connect with your audience in the social-spheres including online, offline, word-of-mouth, face to face, etc. We have to utilize our endless tools to make an impact. Integrating our resources and creating that web wherever possible is key to reinforce the brand, support the cause, launch the product, promote the campaign and most importantly to continue the conversations with the communities we now have access to so directly.


Personal Bio

Tysa has over a decade of experience working as a marketing enthusiast in various capacities with numerous professional development groups and organizations. She values building relationships and networking in a variety of industries. As a “Jackie of all Trades”, her background consists of both freelance and in-house support of event management for local businesses. Her focus is on incorporating promotional products, matching community connections to build win/win sponsorship opportunities and utilizing digital marketing tools for brand advertising to create comprehensive engagement experiences. She has a knack for project management, systems analysis, online analytics as well as resource development supporting technology integration.

As a marketing maven and cheer-leader she thrives when supporting community building events and helping create opportunities for memorable customer engagement. She strives to keep current with the latest techy tools and best practices for brand promotion with access to the hottest promotional products and event industry trends to enhance sales & marketing efforts. Her mission is to encourage engagement, enthusiasm and innovation in all of her endeavors — and of course create a LOT of smiles along the way!

Tysa received a Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University in Florida. She serves the San Diego community on many levels. Most recently, she served the AMA San Diego chapter for the last two years as an active board member and VP of Special Interest Groups launching their first initiative in the city. She’s also supported multiple other committees including event program development and sponsorship coordination. She has participated on the board of the PRSA Public Relations New Pros as Treasurer, been a member of the local SDX Ad Club, co-directed marketing programs for TEDx Americas Finest City San Diego, and is an active community goer and networker within multiple meetups, local events, and conferences throughout the nation. She started her own freelance business, SOLO Media Marketing, LLC as a way to integrate all of these initiatives including social, online, local, and organic digital marketing methods under one roof with PROMOJO being the new focus that specializes in branded promotional products and event marketing.

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