’15 Art of Marketing Conference


2015 #SDAOM: Content-Rich Sessions for the Modern-Day Marketer

The region’s premier integrated marketing conference curated, fine lineup of thought-leading marketers from the hottest companies on the hottest topics! Over 300 mid to senior-level marketers from across the industries gathered for an inspirational day to

  • Improve the impact of your marketing programs
  • Accelerate your career by increasing your knowledge base
  • Network with more than 300 other passionate marketers
  • Be inspired for the year ahead

San-Diego-American-Marketing-Association-Keynote-Russ-Klein-Burger-King-7-Eleven-Arbys-Maxwell-Luthy-Trendwatching-2015-NovemberAmplify Your 2016 Marketing Agility

Our speakers are marketing innovationists from local and international brands. They shared their strategies for anticipating and responding to marketplace shifts with winning campaigns and limited time and resources. Find out what’s coming down the marketing pipeline in:

  • Trends & Technology
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Paid Acquisition
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Brand Management & Integrated Communications

5th Annual #SDAOM: What’s New?

This year, we’ve made a few changes to meet the growing demand and make this the best #SDAOM to date:

  • Moved to a larger, beautiful hotel in North County to accommodate 300+ marketers from all over Southern California
  • Added a fourth track and realigned sessions to attract top talent and partners
  • Implemented new, exclusive access and benefits just for AMA members
  • And much more!

What are you excited about?

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Time Track & Room Session Speaker
8:45-9:00am Ballroom CONFERENCE KICK-OFF David Palmer, President, San Diego AMA
9:00-9:50am Ballroom MORNING KEYNOTE
Key Trends for 2016 and Beyond: Thrive in the Expectation Economy
Maxwell Luthy, Director Trends & Insights, Trendwatching.com
9:50-10:00am Ballroom Break
10:00-10:50am BREAKOUT #1 INBOUND
Rancho Santa Fe 1 & 2
Generating Leads on Social: The Do's and Don'ts of Using Social Content to Drive New Business
Tony Rindsberg, CMO/Co-Founder, SOCi
Rancho Santa Fe 3
Extreme Personalization in Digital Marketing
Mark Torrance, CTO, Rocket Fuel
Rancho Santa Fe 4
Data-driven Digital Marketing: Making Big Data Pratical at Sony Electronics
  • Jennifer Geddy, Director Marketing Operations, Sony
  • Michaela Ion, Sr. Manager Marketing & CRM, Sony
Brand & Buyer Personas: Transforming Marketing through Buyer Profiles and Personas
  • Jacques Pavlenyi, Marketing Programs Director, Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM
  • Rachel Young, Research Director, Portfolio Marketing, Sirius Decisions
10:50-11:00am Ballroom Break
11:00-11:50am BREAKOUT #2 INBOUND
Rancho Santa Fe 1 & 2
Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget: How to Run a Successful Content Marketing Campaign on a Budget
Rancho Santa Fe 3
Display, Search & Mobile Advertising: Think Smarter, Not Harder
Derick Downs, Founder & CEO, Outside the Box
Rancho Santa Fe 4
CONSUMER LISTENINGOptimization & Testing: Tools and Tactics for Letting Your Customers Guide You and Your Testing Choices
Content Strategies that Drive Youth Engagement
Gregg Witt, CEO, Immersive Youth Marketing
11:50-12:00pm Ballroom Break
12:00-1:00pm Ballroom LUNCH & KEYNOTE
Inspiring #NextPractices in Marketing
Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing Association
1:00-2:15pm Ballroom LOUDtables
Special Interest Group Networking
Special Guest Facilitator!
2:15-2:30pm Ballroom Break
Rancho Santa Fe 1 & 2
The Most Important SEO Initiatives to Plan for in 2016
Alan Bush, VP of Strategy, Ignite Visibility
Rancho Santa Fe 3
Modern-Day Media Planning
Ramsay Crooks, EVP Product, Geary LSF
Rancho Santa Fe 4
PERSONALIZATIONRelevance Wins: Providing the Most Personalized Experience for Your Consumers Dylan Whitman, CEO, BVAccel
Aligning Product, Brand & Culture through Parallel Innovation
Jeremiah Gardner, Principal, Moves the Needle
3:20-3:40pm Ballroom SNACKS & NETWORKING BREAK
Rancho Santa Fe 1 & 2
Content Marketing & Sourcing Strategies: Become a P.R.O.
Kyle Sandsmark, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, AMN Healthcare
Rancho Santa Fe 3
Social Media Advertising and Measurement
Melonie Gallegos, Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Fandom Marketing
Rancho Santa Fe 4
Contribution-Attribution-Mix, Oh My! Creating Content for YOUR Customers
Andy Batten, Director Digital Analytics and Optimization, Red Door Interactive
Best Practices in Software Development for Marketers
Marc Alringer, President and CEO, Seamgen
4:30-4:40 Ballroom Break
4:40-5:20pm Ballroom AGILE MARKETING PANEL
Adopting an #Agile Mindset in Marketing
  • Susan Dawson, VP, Marketing and Creative, Petco
  • Mark Torrance, CTO, Rocket Fuel
  • Nancy Lee, VP Marketing, Intuit

Moderator: Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing Association

5:20-7:00pm Ballroom RECEPTION
Cocktail Reception and Prize Winners Announced

*Although it's highly unusual, session topics, schedules and speakers are subject to change.

Round Out Your 2016 Plan with Bullet-Proof Strategies

Check out all the great sessions secured to date. We’ll continue to update with more exciting details as we secure them.


9:00 – 9:50am
Room: Grand Ballroom
Title: Key Trends for 2016 and Beyond: Thrive in the Expectation Economy!
Keynote Speaker: MAXWELL LUTHY, Director of Trends & Insights, TrendWatching.com

Today’s professionals operate in an economy of ever-accelerating customer expectations, applied ruthlessly to every purchasing decision, experience and moment of attention. Marketers must harness insights from trends to make sure their innovations don’t fall short.

In his keynote discussion, Maxwell Luthy will present a selection of the most exciting and urgent trends for 2016 and beyond. Each trend will feature examples from across consumer-facing industries, gathered from a 3,000+ member spotter network that sends TrendWatching local innovations from Boston to Beijing.

Attendees will learn the importance of tracking consumer trends, as they are participants in a highly competitive Expectation Economy. After each trend, the audience will be asked to consider the implications and opportunities for their own business. Examples of best practices from around the U.S. and beyond will leave marketers feeling fired up to delight their own customers in 2016!


10:00 – 10:50am

Track: Inbound
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 1&2
Title: Generating Leads on Social: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Content to Drive New Business
Speaker: TONY RINDSBERG, Chief Marketing Officer, SOCi

Your social content is the core of your social media marketing strategyso use it correctly! Treating social media like a digital billboard is not what your customers want. The days of posting 20% off coupons are gone. So what should you be posting to drive qualified leads to your business? We’ll cover how to optimize your social content to effectively drive new leads and generate business from your social media channels. Many businesses are treating social content as a checkbox, just making sure to get something out the door each day. That’s not marketing! Marketing is being agile and willing to test and optimize. In this session, you will tackle the question of what defines and makes great social content.

Track: Paid Acquisition
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 3
Title: Extreme Personalization in Digital Marketing
Speaker: MARK TORRANCE, CTO, Rocket Fuel

Most marketing is one-to-many: marketers have just a few messages, and they AB test them to figure out which one works best for general audiences. This blunt-force targeting doesn’t really work to move the marketing needle. Every customer is different; each person has different interests, behaviors, readiness to buy, and ability to be influenced at different times and in different contexts. Each person has different “buttons” to push that influence how they respond – emotional, psychographic, and personal triggers that motivate them. Everyone responds differently to certain images or messages. The most advanced digital marketing platforms, based on programmatic technology, can take the entire rich human web of behavior, experience, and personality into account to automatically target individuals with highly-relevant ads at the most opportune moments.

This session will show how to combine the best of programmatic – AI, big data and machine learning – with a highly detailed understanding of consumer behavior to do ‘extreme ad personalization’. Learn clear strategies and actionable best practices to get such extreme personalization right. Well see case studies and live demos of this concept, sharing brand marketer ads targeted by personality, location, interests, demographics and context. You’ll get to witness data points illustrating the effectiveness of extreme-targeted ads compared to blunt-targeted ads.

Track: Insights & Analytics
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 4
Topic: CRM
Title: Data-Driven Digital Marketing: Making Big Data Practical at Sony Electronics
Speakers: JENNIFER GEDDY, Director of Marketing Operations, Sony & MICHAELA ION, Senior Manager of Marketing and CRM, Sony

Big data is alluring to everyone; however, its power is difficult to harness by most marketers. In this session, we’ll learn how Sony is leveraging big data to generate revenue from its existing customers and find new customers in innovative ways. The session content will enable participants to optimize campaigns before they even start and to adjust strategy on the spot using new technologies.

Track: Brand Management & Integrated Communications
Room: Coronado
Title: Transforming Marketing Through Buyer Profiles and Personas
Speakers: JACQUES PAVLENYI, Portfolio Marketing Director, IBM & RACHEL YOUNG, Research Director, Sirius Decisions

The convergence of social and data technologies continues to cause disruption in many industries and professions. Marketing is certainly not immune. Customers have very different expectations now, including strong personalization and customization. If the message and offers aren’t tailored specifically to me, the message is tuned out or ignored. This is increasingly true in B2B as well as B2C marketing. And that’s where personas can help.

IBM and Sirius Decisions will discuss practical rationales and methods for applying buyer profiles and personas, and how IBM is transforming not just Marketing, but also Sales, Product Management, and other functions with data-driven, robust buyer profiles.

11:00 – 11:50am 

Track: Inbound
Room Rancho Santa Fe 1&2

Title: Champagne Taste on Beer Budget: Running a Successful Content Marketing Campaign on a Budget
Speakers: DEVON DEMARS, Social Media Director, Internet Marketing Inc. & WILL PRICE, Content Marketing Director, Internet Marketing Inc.

Today’s marketers are aware of the importance of strong content marketing and the benefits it can provide your brand, but most digital professionals are intimidated by and/or unaware of the costs involved. While content marketing can become a very expensive tactic, it doesn’t have to be. There are many webinars and conferences about content marketing. Not all address the budgetary considerations and concerns that most marketers face.

Learn to use tools that are more budget-friendly, give marketers more flexibility and help them respond quicker. Eliminate time spent searching for free trials, doing demos of expensive tools, or waiting for the CFO’s approval. In this way, marketers can be more agile, responsive, and faster in their marketing campaigns.

Track: Paid Acquisition
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 3
Title: Display, Search & Mobile Advertising: Think Smarter, Not Harder
Speaker: DERICK DOWNS, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Outside the Box

This presentation will consist of an overview on SEM & Mobile advertising, followed by a live re-marketing presentation utilizing geo-targeting and rule-based re-targeting parameters. Walk away with a better understanding of Search Engine Marketing techniques: how to verify Google analytics setup, Google best practices, and how to utilize unconventional marketing strategies within your SEM campaigns. You will be able to set up targeted re-marketing campaigns via Google adwords.

Track: Analytics
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 4
Title: Optimization & Testing: Tools and Tactics for Letting Your Customers Guide Your Testing Choices
Speakers: STEVEN SHYNE, Senior Strategist, Digital Operative & CARA HARSHMAN, Content Marketing Manager, Optimizely

Every day, and in many different ways, your customers are trying to tell you what they want, be it from your business and from your digital touch points. Whether through usability testing, customer service channels, social channels, product reviews, or through a wealth of other resources, there is qualitative information available from your consumers that can be integral to improving your business. How do you aggregate all the available information and turn it into something insightful and actionable?

Customers are communicating with you; it’s your turn to listen. By understanding and sympathizing with your customers, you can respond to the needs of the people who matter most.

Track: Brand Management & Integrated Communications
Room: Coronado
Title: Content Strategies that Drive Youth Engagement
Speaker: GREGG WITT, CEO, Immersive Youth Marketing

This session explores proven ways to strengthen relationships with consumers through social and digital content. Today’s overload of media content choices and economic uncertainties have led brands to find new ways to authentically connect with people and influence purchasing decisions.

Co-creating social marketing campaigns together with your target audience allows brands to detect market failures quicker and find creative ways to address them, placing themselves ahead of the curve.

The emphasis throughout will be on developing insights-based digital/social campaigns that leverage influencers, and achieve brand-specific objectives.

Noon – 1:00pm
Room: Grand Ballroom

Title: Inspiring #NextPractices in Marketing
Keynote Speaker: RUSS KLEIN, CEO, American Marketing Association

The global marketplace is experiencing awe-inspiring growth and evolution. We are on the eve of the third industrial revolution, this one powered by the so-called “Internet of Things,” which is chiefly defined by the staggering amount of machine-to-machine, machine-to-human and human-to-human connectivity that currently only accounts for less than 1% of all that has been identified as possible. Trillions of GDP will be created through new forms of commerce, products and services. The tsunami of individual technological advancements coming our way is incomprehensible, but one thing is certain: Marketing will play a prominent—even a preeminent—role in the marketplace’s evolution.

Yes, marketing is a science, and some scientific laws apply. Yes, best practices can be helpful knowledge in managing a business and in managing many aspects of marketing. But in my opinion, inspired marketing requires pushing past so-called best practices into original and next practices.

Submit your questions on Twitter using #SDAOM and #NextPractices.

LOUDtables: Special Interest Group Networking
1:00 – 2:15pm
Room: Grand Ballroom

The energy is infectious—and so are the ideas! Tackle your toughest challenges and develop incredible ideas with like-minded marketers during this intimate, interactive event. Plus, you’ll walk away with some great new contacts and friends.

See LOUDtable details and topics.

2:30 – 3:20pm

Track: Inbound
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 1&2
Title: The Most Important SEO Initiatives to Plan for in 2016
Speaker: ALAN BUSH, VP of Strategy, Ignite Visibility

Alan Bush, VP of Strategy of Ignite Visibility and UCSD teacher, reveals the biggest changes in SEO in 2015 and what to focus on in 2016. This presentation is not necessarily for SEO beginners, but instead, for those who have some basic knowledge of SEO and are looking to take their ranking to the next level.

Track: Paid Acquisition
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 3
Title: Modern-Day Media Planning

Today’s media planning isn’t strictly about Paid Search. As marketers, we need to think big picture. Even if you’re only using one or two marketing channels, you must have your consumer in mind and the experience they want and now expect, at the center of your campaigns.

In this session, Geary LSF’s EVP of Product, Ramsay Crooks, will discuss the foundational items necessary to create an effective marketing strategy that includes not only Paid Media, but the tactics that help you make the most of your marketing budget.

Track: Insight & Analytics
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 4

Title: Relevance Wins: Providing the Most Personalized Experience for Your Consumers

Using data-based personalization to create personalized eCommerce experiences based on demographic and psychographic 1st and 3rd party data will lead to more conversions. Your customers’ attention is precious and if you don’t provide the most relevant experience for your customers, you can be sure that your competitors will.

Track: Brand Management & Integrated Communications
Room: Coronado

Title: Aligning Product, Brand & Culture Through Parallel Innovation
Speaker: JEREMIAH GARDNER, Author, Principal, Moves the Needle

As lean innovation methodologies become more cemented in product innovation and sprinkled throughout the organization, the conventional branding model is proving ill-equipped to handle the new thinking. This disconnect is causing disruptions in the ability to deliver discovered value to the organization’s large customer base. Just as lean branding is transforming the approach to brand development for startups, it’s being used to help larger enterprises innovate with their existing brands by helping them align initiatives to be more disruptive and achieve breakthrough innovation with product, brand, and culture through parallel innovation.

3:45– 4:30pm

Track: Inbound
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 1&2

Title: Content Marketing & Sourcing Strategies: Become a P.R.O.
Speaker: KYLE SANDSMARK, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, AMN Healthcare

What is content marketing? In one word: CONNECTING. Connecting with your audience at the prospect, customer, repeat customer, and advocate phases of the lifecycle. Each segment in the customer lifecycle has specific types of content they are searching for so it is up to us as marketers to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. How do we do that? By becoming a content marketing P.R.O.: what’s your PLAN, gather RESULTS, and OPTIMIZE your fluid content plan going forward.

Track: Paid Acquisition
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 3

Title: Social Media Advertising and Measurement
Speaker: MELONIE GALLEGOS, Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Fandom Marketing

Build a measurable social media program that leverages your content marketing and builds reach with customers. Social media advertising is a continually evolving channel combining the elements of earned, paid and owned media. Social ads are interactive content units that carry the potential to be shared by others for viral reach. Learn how to reach your targets by location, interests and behavior. Get the top three ways to find and target customers. Plus, gain key metrics to benchmark ROI in Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest advertising.

Track: Insight & Analytics
Room: Rancho Santa Fe 4
Title: Contribution-Attribution-Mix, Oh My! Creating Content for YOUR Customers
Speaker: ANDY BATTEN, Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization, Red Door Interactive

While the phrase ‘Attribution’ has been supplanted by ‘Big Data’ as the hottest buzz-word in digital marketing, it remains a concept that few understand, and even fewer are incorporating into channel marketing strategies. Often, the difficulty for many companies is in breaking the concept down into the core components that could otherwise help them grasp and move through the process. Rather, companies think of attribution as one giant problem to solve, which inevitably continues to push the topic into the ‘next year’ bucket on their list of priorities.

In “Contribution-Attribution-Mix, Oh My!”, Andy will break down the concept of ‘Attribution’ into core concepts and strategies that make the process tangible and linear, so you can walk away understanding the necessary elements and steps which are required to move from the crawl phase to ‘running’ with econometric/media mix modeling.

Track: Brand Management & Integrated Communications
Room: Coronado

Title: Best Practices in Software Development for Marketers
Speaker: MARC ALRINGER, President and CEO, Seamgen

Gain a solid understanding of the benefits and challenges of building a successful software development team for web and mobile applications. Understand how to get the most out of your product team and what to look for in the right design and development partner.

4:40 – 5:20pm
Room: Grand Ballroom

Adopting an #Agile Mindset in Marketing

Technology and disruptive innovation are driving an unprecedented need for marketing speed and flexibility. The most successful companies will be those whose marketers use agile strategies to win mindshare and drive growth.

Submit your questions on Twitter using #SDAOM and #Agile.

Moderator: RUSS KLEIN, CEO, American Marketing Association


  • NANCY LEE, Vice President of Marketing, Intuit
  • MARK TORRANCE, Chief Technology Officer, Rocket Fuel
  • SUSAN DAWSON, VP, Marketing and Creative, Petco

*Although it’s highly unusual, session topics and speakers are subject to change.

#SDAOM Speakers

Check out our lineup of carefully selected marketing thought leaders and innovationists!

Maxwell Luthy (Keynote)Maxwell Luthy

Director Trends & Insights, TrendWatching.com

After graduating with a degree in Economics and Economic History, Maxwell began his marketing career in a London advertising agency. A passionate music fan, Maxwell launched and managed an independent record label and hosted a show on London’s NTS Radio. He also worked as a jury wrangler for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and as a social media consultant for a digital agency

Maxwell was the Director of tw:in (trendwatching.com’s 2,600+ international spotter network) from 2011 to 2013. He is also one of the authors of the upcoming book Trend-Driven Innovation due to be published by Wiley in Q3 2015.

Maxwell has hosted meetups with spotters in Istanbul, Johannesburg and Paris. He has presented for multiple universities, facilitated ideation workshops for leading brands, and delivered keynotes at conferences around the world – from Manila to Malaga.

Maxwell has been quoted as a trend expert in publications such as the Financial Times, MainStreet and The Next Web, and interviewed for radio by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Twitter Icon@maxluthy


Russ Klein (Keynote, CMO Panelist)Russ Klein v2

CEO, American Marketing Association

Former CMO, Arby’s Restaurant Group;
Former CMO, 7-Eleven
Former President Global Marketing, Strategy & Innovation Burger King Corp;

Russ Klein has led marketing teams for many of the world’s foremost brand names—holding top marketing posts at Dr Pepper/7UP Companies, 7-Eleven Corporation, Burger King Corporation, Church’s Chicken, and Arby’s Restaurant Group.

Russ has been named to “top marketer” lists spanning three decades, including his Burger King body of work that was recognized by ADWEEK as “The Advertiser of the Decade” for the 2000’s.

Under his leadership, his teams’ work-product has received scores of industry awards for excellence with particular distinction for creativity, including a Titanium Lion at Cannes; Russ also led new product innovation teams with three products named New Product of the Year.

Klein was responsible for the most highly recalled advertising campaign ever measured by Nielsen’s IAG Research; “Whopper Freakout”.

Klein was a leader in ushering in the age of digital marketing with the microsite “Subservient Chicken” that was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the “Digital Ad of the Decade” for the 2000’s, and just recently named Ad Age’s 6th Best Ad Campaign of the 21st century. Klein also led Burger King’s groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox creating a suite of games featuring BK advertising icons that became the second best-selling suite of games in Xbox history.

Russ has had the rare privilege to lead marketing for three major business turnarounds generating record sales performance and profitability in excess of 600% combined returns for shareholders.

Russ is recipient of the Fisher College of Business Distinguished Alumnus Award from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

As CEO for the American Marketing Association, Russ is charged with the transformation of the AMA to become the definitive force and voice shaping marketing best and next practices worldwide. Klein was once nicknamed “Flamethrower” by an industry publication for his managerial boldness and provocative advertising, but he now aspires to be the torch bearer for all marketers.

Twitter Icon@KleinRuss


Devon DeMarsIMI - Devon DeMars Headshot

Social Media Director, Internet Marketing Inc.

Devon has been part of IMI’s social media team since its inception. Through her seven years of social media experience, she has launched multiple successful blogger outreach campaigns, executed Twitter chat resulting in millions of online impressions with minimal budget in a one-hour time period, hosted tweet ups fostering awareness, loyalty and online buzz; facilitated online contests and sweepstakes increasing brands’ social followings and email databases; established social advertising campaigns optimized toward clients’ specific goals and built several channels from the ground up. Prior to joining IMI, Devon worked in both agency and in-house communications, and most recently managed online marketing for one of San Diego County’s largest non-profits. She also has a certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing from San Diego State University, and has achieved Google Analytics Individual Qualification, HootSuite Certification and Online Marketing Institute Social Media Certification.

Twitter Icon@msdevonvictoria


Jen Geddy???????????????????????????????

Director Marketing Operations, Sony

Jen is focused on using data and innovative technology to produce incremental sales and customer retention by deepening customers’ engagement with their Sony Electronics products and the Sony brand. A member of the prestigious Sony Samurai Society, Jen has 15 years of experience in marketing and CRM and has received several awards for innovation and leading cross-functional teams at Sony. Jen has an M.B.A. from San Diego State University. Thanks to her two lovely children, Jen has no current hobbies—for now, she enjoys thinking about doing yoga, going to new restaurants, and traveling to exotic locales.

Twitter Icon@jenmgeddy


Michaela IonMichaela Ion

Sr. Manager Marketing and CRM, Sony

Michaela started her career in consumer strategy over a decade ago, and in that time she has immersed herself in all its aspects: uncovering the why behind consumer behaviors and motivations, applying insight to a wide range of business decisions, creating data-driven customer experiences, and marketing in exciting and innovative ways. Today, Michaela handles strategic CRM projects at Sony Electronics, where she focuses on intelligently using data to reach Sony customers when, where, and how they want to be reached. Michaela has an M.S. in applied research from Boston University. When she doesn’t play with data, Michaela is working hard on her latest novel.

Twitter Icon@michaelaion


Will Price

IMI - Will Price Headshot

Content Director, Internet Marketing, Inc.

Will comes to IMI with 9 years’ experience in the digital space, both on the brand and agency side, creating impactful and purposeful content for a wide variety of industries and brands across multiple digital outlets. Will is passionate about ROI and surpassing client goals and expectations to create content that will engage, inspire and convert. His story-telling capabilities are second only to his desire to connect brands with people. He began his digital career helping launch and nurture music and entertainment startups in NYC. Will has helped lead numerous content activations across multiple outlets including blogs, social media, on-site landing pages and various others to help increase brand awareness, affinity and SEO value.

Twitter Icon@the_momentum


Gregg WittGregg Witt

CEO, Immersive Youth Marketing

From developing one of the most trusted youth marketing agencies in North America, to flying high above skateboard vert ramps as a Google Glass stunt man, Gregg has earned his spot as a youth marketing leader prior to becoming partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Immersive. For more than a decade he has helped brands such as Qualcomm, FunnyOrDie, Nissan, X Games, and Partnership for a Drug-Free America successfully transition to more immersive strategies to achieve goals. Gregg oversees all Immersive clients with the creative flare and eye for authenticity that one can only achieve while wearing a new pair of red Supras.

Twitter Icon@immersiveyouth

Mark TorranceMatt Peyton Photography LLC 212-452-3267

CEO, Rocket Fuel

Mark drives his company’s core technology development around predictive modeling and optimization for real-time bidding. He studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and MIT, where in 1994 he left his PhD and academic career behind to blaze a trail of entrepreneurship on the newly emerging web. He started StockMaster.com as a hobby, then traffic quickly grew and it became the largest stock-quote site on the planet. His startup was one of the first and largest customers of the DoubleClick ad network. Mark heads Rocket Fuel’s large technology team with many PhD data scientists, directing ongoing development of the world’s most successful programmatic marketing technology. Mark holds a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and a Master of Science (S.M.) degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has spoken at dozens of digital advertising and big data conferences, including OMMA RTB, Ad Tech, Digital Ad Security Summit, Hadoop World, Data Summit, Data 2.0 Summit, Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium, DX3, Big Data War Stories at Walmart Labs, and Internet Summit.

Twitter Icon@marktorrance


Steve ShyneSteven Shyne Headshot - Digital Operative

Senior Strategist, Digital Operative

Steven started with the Digital Operative team in 2013 and brought to the agency his past account management experience, his foundation of marketing, and interest in consumer behavior. As a part of the Strategy & Planning department as Senior Strategist, Steven integrates his knowledge base to assess the client’s goals and combine those with the goals of the user in an effort to make data-based, informed decisions and identify actionable insights. Steven is also a regular guest speaker at marketing classes around San Diego and has participated in Toastmasters. Additionally, while studying marketing at San Diego State University, he conducted, under faculty supervision, experimentation regarding consumer behavior, for which he was honored with Dean’s Award for his contributions to the School of Business. 

Twitter Icon@digitaloperativ


Jacques PavlenyiHead shots at Stephen's

Portfolio Marketing Director, IBM

Since joining IBM in 1998, Jacques Pavlenyi has launching web-based data services to the chemical industry; marketed solutions to mid-sized companies, and most recently directed the worldwide portfolio marketing team for IBM enterprise social software solutions. He has presented and paneled at industry conferences, including the BtoB Marketing Summit Boston 2003, the Independent Games Conference Austin 2008, the Video Search Summit 2008, and VoiceCon San Francisco 2008. Jacques is working hard to understand how the intersection of B2B, technology and digital are transforming marketing, especially how innovative new technologies like social media can add value to B2B marketing. He is also an avid choral singer, with 30 years of experience, most recently as the co-founder of the a capella group Pacific Sound San Diego.

Twitter Icon@mediamutt


Andy BattenRed Door Interactive - Andy Batten Headshot copy

Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization, Red Door Interactive

Andy is the Director of Digital Analytics and Optimization at Red Door Interactive. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of digital analytics, acquiring skills and expertise across a variety of technologies and platforms including WebTrends, CoreMetrics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and many more. Having sharpened his skills across multiple Fortune 500 companies and industries such as media, telecom, ecommerce, health & fitness, and B2B, Andy now manages the rapidly-growing team of Analysts at Red Door Interactive, developing insights and strategies from clickstream, search, social, and qualitative data.

Twitter Icon@apbatten


Jeremiah Gardner#LeanBrandLabs - Jeremiah Gardner Headshot copy

Author and Principal, Moves The Needle

Jeremiah Gardner is an author, speaker, lean brand practitioner, and bulldog He helps startups, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 organizations reframe the way they think about brand innovation, culture, and leadership. He is the author of The Lean Brand, the first book to apply lean principles to branding, is a sought after speaker, and principal at Moves The Needle. Jeremiah has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Lifehacker, The Guardian, Branding Magazine, and SayDaily.

Twitter Icon@JeremiahGardner


Rachel YoungSiriusDecision - Rachel Young

Research Director, Portfolio Marketing, SiriusDecisions

Rachel is a senior marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in product and solution marketing, demand creation, sales enablement and communications. As a member of the SiriusDecisions portfolio marketing team, Rachel delivers research and advice to help marketing, sales, and product leaders succeed. Prior to joining SiriusDecisions, Rachel held several marketing leadership roles at technology companies ranging from startup to enterprise. Her long career at Hitachi Data Systems, a leading provider of data storage solutions, included a series of roles culminating in her promotion to vice president of global marketing responsible for product and solution marketing, branding, media and analyst relations, and communications. At Cadence Design Systems, a semiconductor software company, Rachel was vice president of corporate marketing in charge of branding, marketing communications and public relations. Rachel also led marketing for a division of Mitchell International, a provider of insurance software, where she was responsible for product marketing, demand creation and sales enablement. In these marketing leadership positions, Rachel played a key role in growing revenue and brand value by executing on her strengths of go-to-market strategy, messaging and positioning, content marketing, process improvement, and sales and marketing integration. Rachel earned an MBA in entrepreneurial studies and a BS in business administration from the University of Southern California.

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Tony RindsbergSOCi - Tony Rindsberg Headshot

Co-Founder/CMO, SOCi

Tony is an highly experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur. Tony has extensive knowledge of online marketing strategies and practices and has executed campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Tony currently is working on SOCi, a content-driven, social media management SaaS. SOCi provides scalable social media marketing for enterprises, agencies and service providers.

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Cara Harshman

Content Marketing Manager, OptimizelyCara Harshman - Optimizely Headshot

Cara Harshman tells stories at Optimizely. She was the second marketer to join and is now a Content Marketing Manager and Blog Editor. In 2012, she (openly) ghost-wrote A/B Testing, The Book, on behalf of Optimizely’s co-founders. As part of the team at a successful early stage start up, Cara is charged with growing Optimizely’s online marketing content presence. She creates and curates case studies, blog posts, SEO pages, webinars, training videos and white papers. Between moderating conversations about A/B testing and website optimization on social channels, and using Marketo for outbound campaigns, Cara oversee the explosive growth of Optimizely via content.

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Nancy LeeNancy Lee-VP-Marketing-Intuit-San-Diego-AMA-Art-of-Marketing-Conference-2015-11

VP Marketing, Intuit

Nancy Lee is Vice President of Marketing at Intuit. She leads Customer Acquisition for the QuickBooks brand within Intuit’s Small Business Division. Her career in marketing spans 20 years, blending digital marketing, product marketing, and brand marketing roles. Her love for marketing was discovered in college, where she earned degrees in Business (with a major in marketing) and English Literature. She went on to complete an MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Nancy’s career has taken her across the globe, spending 5 years in the Asia-Pacific region. She’s traveled to over 35 countries for fun, and has lived in 5 (she’s originally a product of Canada!) She currently resides in Palo Alto with her husband and 6-year old daughter.

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Derick DownsDerick Downs

CEO, Outside The Box Digital Agency 

Derick Downs is a entrepreneur from San Diego who specializes in building websites, and running traffic to them using various techniques. Many people know Derick from his funny novelty products that include Pickles, Glitter-Bombs, and Targeted Banner Ads.

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Kyle SandsmarkKyle-Sandsmark-AMN-Healthcare

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, AMN Healthcare

Kyle Sandsmark is a highly accomplished marketing professional with experience in several industries. Kyle’s background includes developing integrated marketing plans and executed tactics for brands such as: Sony, NBC, ESPN, and Under Armour. Kyle’s approach to marketing is first driven by customer metrics and data insights that once orchestrated will then ultimately lead to growth in brand acquisition, retention and monetization throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer. As Nate Elliott, VP, Forrester, “If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.”

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Susan DawsonSusan Dawson

VP, Marketing & Creative, Petco

Susan Dawson has spent the past six years loving the fact that any tough day can be made better by petting one of the dogs that visit the office. As Vice President, Marketing and Creative at Petco, she is responsible for leading development of go-to-market strategies, media buying, and creative and brand strategy for the enterprise. Prior to Petco, Susan worked in marketing roles in B to B and consumer electronics at Sony Electronics and Hewlett-Packard. She is happy to have enjoyed the highs of the .com bubble and for getting through it all after it burst. Susan studied journalism at the University of Arizona in Tucson.


Melonie GallegosMelonie Gallegos

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Fandom Marketing

Melonie is the CEO and Chief Social Strategist of Fandom Marketing, an enterprise social media agency. During her 16+ year career she has led digital strategy in top-tier agencies serving clients such as Sport Chalet, Qualcomm, NetApp, WD-40, and Bumble Bee Foods. She leads strategy for B2B and B2C brands to align with business objectives. Through integrating social media to the sales funnel, retail channel, corporate events and CRM, she helps clients realize tangible returns. Melonie is a speaker, social media influencer, and publisher of a multi-author blog BrandsWithFansBlog.com providing expert advice to marketers.

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Marc AlringerMarc Alringer copy

President and CEO, Seamgen

Marc has more than 20 years of information technology development and management experience in the healthcare and wireless industries. Prior to founding Seamgen he served as CTO for Ujogo.com, and VP of Product Development at Abovehealth, where he architected Abovehealth’s SaaS platform that delivers a HIPAA compliant solution to over 30 insurance carriers. Before Abovehealth, he served as president of Spectral Logic, Inc., a wireless test software company that was later purchased by Noise/Com. As Founder and President of Seamgen, Marc built one of the top application development companies in San Diego. Seamgen partners with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, helping them build solid products with elegant User Centric designs. Marc studied Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California and obtained an MBA from San Diego State University.

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Alan BushAlan-Bush

VP of Strategy, Ignite Visibility

Alan has co-hosted and co-produced two internationally-known internet marketing podcasts (WinTheWeb and OwningYourOwn) and worked on over 400 digital marketing campaigns. His clients have included G4TV, No Fear, Nixon Watches, Links of London, Musician’s Institute, Walking On A Cloud and many more. Alan is also an instructor in SEO and Marketing at UCSD.

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Ramsay CrooksRamsay Crooks Headshot - Geary LSF

EVP Product, Geary LSF

Ramsay brings nearly 15 years of agency experience to Geary LSF and has previously held positions leading earned media, SEO, project management, editorial and content marketing teams in the ever changing digital marketing landscape. He is driven to bring about impactful results for Geary LSF’s clients though a balance of innovation, scalability, and an audience-centric approach to digital marketing, expressed in Geary LSF’s omni-channel integrated digital marketing offerings.

Twitter Icon@gearylsf


Dylan WhitmanDylan Whitman

CEO, BVaccel

Dylan Whitman is the CEO and Co-Founder of BVAccel, one of the fastest growing eCommerce agencies in the world, where he leads the team in implementing the Best in Class design, development and marketing of flagship eCommerce properties. Current clients include leading brands such as Hallmark, Procter & Gamble, Red Bull, Stash Tea, Daymond John and Telescopes.com. Dylan has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and eCommerce as both an agency owner and entrepreneur of consumer facing shopping sites generating tens of millions of dollars per year. Dylan’s work and advice has been featured in a leading national publications and is soon to be featured in this season’s airing of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

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LOUDtables: Ultra-Relevant Networking for Marketers

The energy is infectious—and so are the ideas! Tackle your toughest challenges and develop incredible ideas with like-minded marketers during this intimate, interactive event. Plus, you’ll walk away with some great new contacts and friends.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each LOUDtable has a dedicated, professional subject matter expert to facilitate robust discussion.
  • Visit any 3 LOUDtables you wish, rotating every 20 minutes.
  • This is YOUR session! Discuss the topics that are important to you.
  • Don’t forget to bring extra business cards to keep the conversation going after #SDAOM!
Category Topic Table # Facilitator
Brand Management 1 Miro Copic, Principal, BottomLine Marketing
Creative Design Strategies 2 Nanette Newbry, Principal & Creative Director, Studio 2055
CRM & Marketing Automation 3 Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO, Greenrope
Demand Generation 5 Ron Marcus, Marketing Director, ZUZA Marketing Asset Management
Employee Brand Adoption and Advocacy 6 Russ Cornelius, CEO, Certified Brand Strategist, brandsavants
Future Trends and Technologies 7 Maxwell Luthy, Director of Trends & Insights, TrendWatching.com
Brand and Buyer Personas 8 Jacques Pavlenyi, Marketing Program Director, IBM
Small Business Marketing 9 Jimmy Page, President, Inseev Interactive
Values & Purpose-driven Marketing 10 Julie Lyons, President, Zenzi Communications
Generational Marketing 11 Gregg Witt, CEO, Immersive Youth Marketing
Hispanic Marketing 12 Mary Beth McCabe, Associate Professor, National University
Mobile Experience 13 Matt Alringer, President & CEO, Seamgen
Modern-day Printing Ideas 14 Rodger Price, VP Marketing, Eagle Print Dynamics
Omni-channel marketing 15 Lauren Hong, President, Out & About Communications
Video Marketing 16 Nancy Carroll, Director, Business Development, Groovy Like a Movie
Inbound Content Marketing 17 Frank Cowell, President, Elevator Agency
SEO 18 Matt Fellows, Earned Media Manager, Geary LSF
Social Media Marketing 19 Kevin Popovic, Founder & CEO, Ideahaus
Media Planning 20 TBA
Programmatic and Digital Advertising 21 Mark Torrance, CTO, Rocket Fuel
SEM & PPC 22 Derick Downs, Founder & CEO, Outside the Box
SEM Analytics 23 Amanda Valle, US President & CSO, Mavens of London
Social Media Advertising 24 Rob Marlbrough, Co-founder & Director of Social Technology, Fandom Marketing
Insights &
Consumer Listening Tools 25 Cara Harshman, Content Marketing Manager, Optimizely
Data Visualization & Dashboarding 26 Roger Arnell, Corporate Account Executive, Domo
Multi-Attribution 27  Andy Batten, Director, Digital Analytics and Optimization, Red Door Interactive
Management Fostering an Agile Workplace 28 Dylan Whitman, CEO, BVAccel
Professional Development for Mid to Senior-Level Marketers 29 Ken Schmitt, Founder & President, TurningPoint Executive Search
Professional Development for Young Professionals to Career 30 Eric Flynn, President, Beacon Business Intelligence
Leadership and Team Development 31 Nancy Lee, VP Marketing, Intuit
Value of AMA Membership 32 Ashley Netzband, VP Membership, San Diego AMA

Attendee Demographics

Attendees of the last Art of Marketing represented the region’s leading companies, agencies, service providers, non-profits, and educational institutions. Similar to the San Diego AMA membership base, attendees skew towards management and leadership with strategic, decision-making and management roles.




Job Title


San-Diego-AMA-Art-of-Marketing-Conference-Attendee-Job-Title-2015 (2)


San-Diego-AMA-Art-of-Marketing-Conference-Attendee-Industry-2015 (2)




Exhibitor-Only Tables Are SOLD OUT!

Due to strong demand, we have sold out of exhibitor-only tables. Fortunately, you can still lock in an exhibitor table for your brand with a #SDAOM Sponsorship! See below.

Become a #SDAOM Sponsor

This unique event is designed to provide our sponsors with optimal brand visibility and meaningful, one-to-one interactions with prospects. It truly is a strategic investment in your marketing strategy. As a sponsor, you’ll enjoy:

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Opportunities and Benefits

There are many ways to become a San Diego AMA sponsor. From cash sponsorship to in-kind trades, they’re all vital in supporting a thriving non-profit organization for marketing professionals.

We work with each of our sponsors to intimately understand their goals and collaboratively design a sponsorship package with benefits that matter. Sponsor benefits may include:

  • Development: AMA memberships, job board postings
  • Digital: Web and email integration, blogs, podcast interviews, media advertisements, video and commercials, spotlight features, social media
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  • Print: Postcards, collateral, conference program, ads, press releases
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Sponsors Love the Art of Marketing

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  • 100% satisfaction with return on investment

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 Inspiring ‘Next Practices’

Banner Image

I dream of a day when societies around the planet all have expanding and prospering middle classes, and that a certain quality of life is available to everyone. Inside of those vibrant economies will be the energy, innovation and force of marketing. In this dream, the esteem with which the profession of marketing is viewed towers above other professions. The field of marketing will compete for the world’s best and brightest who share my vision that both the research and practice of marketing can be as ennobling as medicine or any other science because, lest we forget, marketing is indeed a science.

While worldwide prosperity remains far from being realized, the global marketplace is experiencing awe-inspiring growth and evolution. We are on the eve of the third industrial revolution, this one powered by the so-called “Internet of Things,” which is chiefly defined by the staggering amount of machine-to-machine, machine-to-human and human-to-human connectivity that currently only accounts for less than 1% of all that has been identified as possible. Trillions of GDP will be created through new forms of commerce, products and services. The tsunami of individual technological advancements coming our way is incomprehensible, but one thing is certain: Marketing will play a prominent—even a preeminent—role in the marketplace’s evolution. And as the new chief executive of the American Marketing Association, it’s my job to ensure that the AMA is ready and equipped to offer you the knowledge that you need to compete, and to win.

Yes, marketing is a science, and some scientific laws apply. Yes, best practices can be helpful knowledge in managing a business and in managing many aspects of marketing. But in my opinion, inspired marketing requires pushing past so-called best practices into original and next practices.

My dream depends on a “New AMA” whose calling is to inspire original and next practices in marketing science for practitioners, academics and students. In my opinion, and if marketing continues to be key force in driving GDP growth and expanding prosperity, lots of people’s lives depend on it, not just marketers’.


Russ Signature




Russ Klein, CEO

Check Russ at #SDAOM as one of the featured keynote speakers.




Blog Contributor: Bill Winn

Late last year, Adobe’s CMO.com published “Will 2015 Be The Year of Digital Transformation? Marketing Leaders Predict”. Adobe asserted that in a similar story for 2014, the phrase “digital transformation” wasn’t mentioned once, but that it would be all the rage in 2015.

In a survey of 70 marketing leaders for 2015, Adobe asked, “What is the one move marketers need to make for 2015 to be the year of true digital transformation?”

Adobe then highlighted in a series of blog posts its favorite responses in three categories:

  • Omni-channel Integration. Marketers must take advantage of technology platforms and insights to understand customer journeys and unify engagement throughout the purchasing lifecycle.
  • Mobile Mania. Increasingly sophisticated devices, virtual reality storytelling and location-based services open up revolutionary possibilities for personalized and timely interactions.
  • Humanizing Data. Brands have to utilize new technologies and big-data analytics to deliver individualized experiences that take into account physical space, social media activity, personal preferences and buying history.

Digital Transformation (1)

Find the CMO survey article here, and Adobe’s three highlight blog posts here, here and here.

The San Diego AMA chapter continues to organize its fifth annual Art of Marketing conference Nov. 11 at the Marriott San Diego Del Mar (register here), and we’ve been drawing inspiration from research like Adobe’s to curate a lineup of thought-leading speakers and inspiring topics. As the marketing communications chair for the event, I’m excited that that the content my team is sharing about our sessions aligns so well with some of the most pressing issues marketers face today:

  • Brand & Buyer Personas: Data-driven Profiles that Enable Strong Customization
  • Programmatic and Digital Advertising: Extreme Personalization
  • CRM: Scaling Big Data for Impactful Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating Personalized eCommerce Experiences
  • Multi-Attribution in Omni-channel Marketing

Meanwhile, our work has me wondering if 2015 really has been a year of digital transformation. I’d love to hear your thoughts — do you agree that brands have made huge digital transformation strides in 2015? Or have we not even begun to tap the potential that digital technology holds for marketers? What digital innovations have you or your team undertaken this year?

Enter a comment below, share your input, and we’ll consider it in our event planning. And by all means come to #SDAOM to learn more!

Share your comments with us in our Linkedin group.



October 12, 2015 by Shaun R. Wiley

The volume of information we process and distribute has become an endless palette of options and decisions. Any time you come across messages of growth or ways to improve the overall quality of life, take special note. Here are three ways San Diego AMA’s Art of Marketing conference will improve your life as a marketer.

  1. ERUDITE. This word, this spark, this ideology is an important component of SDAMA’s charter. You need to find a way to work it into your everyday life. Self-improvement goes a long way. Oftentimes, you’ll gain fresh ideas simply by putting yourself in the right place. The entire #SDAOM conference is about Practical Agile Strategies. Get informed and inspired November 12, 2015 at the Marriott Del Mar, 8:00 AM.
  2. POWER NETWORKING. When preparation meets opportunity, you’ll find success. From a universal perspective, think of the chain of events which will lead as many as 300 speakers and participants, from around the globe, to work together for one day. #SDAOM 2015 will only happen once, ever. As a marketer, it only makes sense to be there.
  3. Perhaps your brain is bursting with new ideas, or you’ve slayed a magnificent to-do list! What do you do to get your mind right? Take a VACATION. Here’s how you do it with this conference, you have plenty of time to plan. Dedicate Thursday to #SDAOM. Take Friday off, grab a board and surf or hiking boots for the turf. San Diego’s swells go year round and only the locals go out in November. If you like to keep it dry, there are more than 60 trails to clear your thoughts for the year ahead. This still gives you two more days to treat yourself to one of San Diego’s many other leisure options.

San Diego AMA is committed to developing powerhouse marketers within the San Diego business community, and #SDAOM is our biggest and best event of the year. Don’t miss it!



 ShaunShaun Wiley R. Wiley is in Business  Development with ZUZA, Marketing Asset  Management located in Carlsbad, Ca. He can  be reached at (760) 494-9448 or  [email protected]




Three Reasons Brands Need Persona- and Roles-based Marketing

October 12, 2015

Blog Contributor Jacques Pavlenyi of IBM

The past few years have brought more change and excitement to the marketing profession than any of the 19 years I’ve been a marketer. I have witnessed firsthand what many thought leaders — SiriusDecisions, Forrester Research,  Bryan KramePersonasr – are  calling the digital  transformation of  marketing. Cloud,  mobile, social, analytics  and big data  technologies are the  lava powering this  tectonic shift. It’s  reordering the  continents of Business-to-Business (B2B)  and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing. It’s creating a new Pangea: Human-to-Human (H2H) marketing. This  makes me happy. Marketers have always been  storytellers.  And today, we are in an enviable position to  market directly  to buyers, customized 1-to-1, and at scale.  We no longer  have to rely on the dehumanizing shorthand  of mass  marketing. And that’s where persona- and roles- based marketing come into play.

Here are three reasons  why, in this digital world, personas and roles matter.

1. Drive empathy

Whether we’re buying for ourselves or our employer, we’re still people. People have both logical and emotional buying triggers. As recent studies have shown, we’re less rational than we think we are. Developing personas and buyer profiles, based on actual behavior and psychology, helps us better understand the rich set of logical and emotional motivators our target audiences experience.

2. Tell more impactful and compelling stories

If we better understand our buyers’ motivations, we’re in a much better position to develop value propositions, messages and content that are more targeted, more impactful, and more compelling. Data-driven personas and buyer roles move Brands away from one-off transactions. We move towards more authentic Brand experiences that directly appeal to the entire influence cycle:

  • Belief – “I believe your story is relevant to me.”
  • Action – “I want to learn more about your promise, and even purchase what you’re promising.”
  • Advocacy – “You did such an amazing job delivering on that promise, I want to tell the world about it.”

3. Make better marketing decisions (when done right)

I used to be an engineer, so the squishier aspects of personas in the early days really bothered me. They just didn’t seem very actionable. The advent of data – social media monitoring, keyword analysis, A/B testing – has changed that. There’s now a deep quantitative and analytical component to developing, and constantly refining, buyer roles and personas. This data bases your marketing squarely in the real world, rather than in John Wanamaker’s world:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. (John Wanamaker, US department store merchant, 1838 – 1922)

The Art of Marketing Conference has devoted a session to this topic in the Brand Management and Integrated Communications track. Rachel Young from SiriusDecisions will be covering the theory, and I’ll be covering the practical applications and results seen at IBM.

We hope you’ll attend our session to learn more. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section as well. I’ll try to answer them in the session Q&A.


Head shots at Stephen'sAbout JACQUES PAVLENYI Portfolio Marketing Director, IBM

Since joining IBM in 1998, Jacques Pavlenyi has launching web-based data services to the chemical industry; marketed solutions to mid-sized companies, and most recently directed the worldwide portfolio marketing team for IBM enterprise social software solutions. He has presented and paneled at industry conferences, including the BtoB Marketing Summit Boston 2003, the Independent Games Conference Austin 2008, the Video Search Summit 2008, and VoiceCon San Francisco 2008. Jacques is working hard to understand how the intersection of B2B, technology and digital are transforming marketing, especially how innovative new technologies like social media can add value to B2B marketing. He is also an avid choral singer, with 30 years of experience, most recently as the co-founder of the a capella group Pacific Sound San Diego.

Visit #SDAOM to hear more about how technology and digital are transforming marketing.




As A Marketer, What Can You Do About Organic Top-line Growth?

September 30, 2015

Blog contributor: Bill Winn

Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association, says this is the No. 1 question you have to ask yourself before your board or CEO (or interviewer across the desk) does, and the answer lies in knowledge acquisition like that you’ll experience at the SDAMA’s 2015 Art of Marketing conference.

Top-Line Growth

Russ joins us in a panel discussing the importance of adopting an agile mindset in marketing. His work as CMO at Burger King earned “Advertiser of the Decade” recognition by ADWEEK for the 2000’s with an ad that was named ‘most recalled ever’ by Nielsen/IAG and “Digital Ad of the Decade” by the Wall Street Journal. His work has received scores of industry awards for excellence including a Titanium Lionat Cannes.

According to Russ, we’re at the eve of a third bona fide industrial revolution powered by “the internet of things”, while unstoppable forces like disruptive innovation are revolutionizing the way we do business.

Join us at #SDAOM to find out why Russ thinks there has never been a better time in history to be a business marketer!



What If The Mega-brands Most Often Accused Of Ecological And Social Misbehavior Stopped Being The Problem And Became The Solution?

September 21, 2015

Blog contributor: Bill Winn

This idea is what Maxwell Luthy, Director of Trends & Insights at Trendwatching.com and keynote spea

Trendsker at the San Diego AMA’s 2015 Art of Marketing conference, calls “Big Brand Redemption”. It’s one of the important marketing trends he’s talked about recently. Here are two more:

  • Two-way Transparency. Consumers will increasingly embrace brands that rate them.
  • Beneficial Intelligence. What decisions and daily task prioritizations will smart digital services make on consumers’ behalf?

Maxwell has delivered keynotes to conferences around the world and is frequently cited as a marketing trends expert by major publications. He shares with audiences concrete, game-changing innovation ideas and the methodologies to transform those ideas into reality.

Come to #SDAOM to hear many more of Maxwell’s ideas and insights.


San Diego Marriott Del Mar

11966 El Camino Real

San Diego, CA 92130

Phone: 858-523-1700

Time: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Registration & Continental breakfast begins at 7:30 am


Parking: Special Event Rate: $7.00 full day

Registration: Hotel Main Lobby


Driving Directions to hotel:

Click here for map & directions 

From the North (Riverside County)

Take 15 South to State Highway 56 West/Ted Williams Parkway (Exit 19). Merge onto 56 West. Take the El Camino Real exit. Turn right onto El Camino Real and the hotel will be on the left.

From the North (Los Angeles, Orange County)

Take 5 South to Carmel Valley Road toward 56 East (Exit 33). Turn left onto Carmel Valley

Road. Make a left onto El Camino Real and the hotel will be on the left.

From the South (Downtown San Diego)

Take 5 North to Carmel Valley Road (Exit 33B). Turn right onto Carmel Valley Road. Make a left onto El Camino Real and the hotel will be on the left.

From the East (El Cajon)

Take 8 West to 805 North toward Los Angeles (Exit 6B). Merge onto 805 North. Merge onto 5 North and exit at Carmel Valley Road (Exit 33B). Turn right onto Carmel Valley Road. Make a left onto El Camino Real and the hotel will be on the left.


We promised the best Art of Marketing conference ever, and we hope you agree the event delivered! Nearly 300 attendees enjoyed a full day of learning the ‘next practices’ driving successful agile marketing and networking with San Diego’s most connected marketers.

Here’s our blow-by-blow recap of #SDAOM 2015, with credit to our attendees via Twitter:


We got things kicked off right Nov. 11 with an evening of networking and cocktails at Il Fornaio in Del Mar.


The conference proper started with a bang as our morning keynote, Maxwell Luthy of Trendwatching.com, amazed the audience with the incredible trends he sees affecting marketers in 2016.


Our breakout sessions covered four cutting-edge content tracks: inbound marketing, paid acquisition, insights & analytics, and brand management & integrated communications. Remarkable marketing innovations came fast & furious from our thought-leading speakers throughout the day:


In our lunch keynote, AMA national CEO Russ Klein reinforced the importance of innovation in marketing:



In our post-lunch special interest networking sessions, we broke into groups exploring everything from employee advocacy to generational marketing, from media planning to professional development. We solved business problems, built relationships and had plenty of fun along the way.



Attendees visited with nearly 20 exhibitors who educated us on innovative marketing tools, services and professional development opportunities.

And, of course, with video such a critical part of content marketing today, our friends at Groovy Like a Movie chronicled all the goings-on.



In our #Agile Marketing Panel, Petco’s Susan Dawson, the AMA’s Russ Klein, Intuit’s Nancy Lee and RocketFuel’s Mark Torrance explained why it’s so critical to adopt an agile mindset in marketing today.



As we neared the end of the day, we handed out raffle prizes from our exhibitors and awarded a one-year AMA membership for the #SDAOM tweet of the day to Haley Beuligmann, who posted this gem during Maxwell Luthy’s morning keynote:


Finally, we closed with the all-important evening cocktail reception, a last opportunity to relive highlights, network and share some laughs.


Find presenter materials on Slideshare, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

Save the date for our next great opportunity to learn and network with San Diego’s most connected marketers, San Diego AMA’s 18th Annual Cause conference, May 19, 2016.



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