AMA Webinar Series: How to Rapidly Reposition and Systematically Activate Your Brand

Join AMA San Diego, Digitopia and Ignyte for this free educational webinar for San Diego marketers.

The business world has entered a period of unprecedented transformation.

The brands that reposition themselves to meet changing customer needs and move quickly to activate their brand will be those that gain market share and experience explosive growth in the months ahead.

The only question is, will yours be one of them?

Known for their data-driven strategies and proven methodologies, Brian Lischer and Frank Cowell will be presenting on how you can rapidly reposition your brand and systematically activate your go-to-market strategies to keep momentum going and your business growing.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
1. How to identify valuable market segments and align your most valuable offerings to their needs
2. A 3-step process companies are using successfully to reposition their brands
3. A proven digital framework that will help you activate your brand and convert strangers into sales opportunities