Analytics with Purpose: The Human Edge of Big Data

It’s a Big Data world—and growing bigger by the day.

The way we compile, assess, and act on data is evolving all the time, and marketers and researchers must adapt to it.

AMA’s new conference is designed to help them do just that. The Analytics with Purpose: The Human Edge of Big Data conference will provide two full days of emerging approaches, thought-provoking conversations and meaningful interaction for practitioners and researchers alike. It will focus on the purpose of analytics – driving better decisions, creating insights, and growing business, but it will also focus on the human side.

Analytics is more than a numbers game: people are driving the data that we’re analyzing, and people are taking decisions based on it. The Analytics with Purpose conference reveals the human side of data aggregation and analysis. From recognizing human patterns in the numbers, to improving the consumer experience via analytics, to finding ways to bring data to life in the organization, Analytics with Purpose will take you on a tour of data’s human frontier.

Register by 2/4/2013 5:00 PM for early registration fee.