B2B Content Workshop Series: Boost Conversion

Join us, in person, on Thursday, March 3rd from 9 AM—11:30 AM at Downtown Works in Pacific Beach for a two-hour content marketing workshop where you will learn how to develop and implement a strategy to create content that converts target buyer personas at every stage of the journey.

This is the first in a series of three workshops: “Boost Conversion”, “Drive Traffic”, “Nurture Leads”.

In this roll-up-your-sleeves workshop, you will

  • Refine your target buyer persona so you can optimize your content marketing strategy around their true pain points
  • Learn about the 7 relationship levels of digital engagement and why they are critical to your content marketing success
  • Work through the types of content that work best for each relationship level so you can maximize relevance for your potential buyers
  • Develop a “blueprint” to help you quickly and easily design and communicate a strategic relationship-driven content marketing strategy
  • Design a relationship-driven content journey for your brand that helps you systematically ascend relationships, from stranger to fan
  • Create a supporting content calendar that consistently “feeds the funnel”
  • Define KPIs and metrics to help you quickly and easily find the bottlenecks to success