Cause Conference Day 2

MAY 28-29: Join hundreds of cross-sector leaders to AMPLIFY SOCIAL IMPACT + INNOVATION—FOR GOOD at Cause Conference 2020, presented by Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at National University.

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Amplifying Social Impact + Innovation—For Good


Executive leaders, marketers, donors, and social entrepreneurs of the region’s top purpose-driven businesses, organizations, and nonprofits.

For over 20 years, Cause Conference™ has been a driving force for positive social impact through the sharing of ideas and strategies to build a more humanitarian community.

It is a place for individuals and organizations from for-profit and nonprofit sectors to engage and collaborate.

Founded and hosted by AMA San Diego, Cause Conference inspires for-profit businesses to become more community conscious, striving for social enhancement beyond the scope of traditional business transactions. We show businesses that promoting social good also improves profitability, employee morale, and public perception. We empower nonprofit organizations to become more self-sufficient by leveraging strategies typically used in the for-profit sector.

Cause Conference positively influences conscious organizations through cross-sector collaboration and community.

We are the Cause Conference. We are a cause for change, for growth, for our communities, for sustainability, for commerce, for business, and for ourselves. We inspire purpose and empower action. Our belief is that by striving for social enhancement in our everyday lives we not only improve our communities, we also improve our businesses, ourselves, and our sense of wellbeing. We are the intersection of cause and commerce. This is the intersection where business and community thrive. Where profitability and bottom line meet sustainability and humanitarianism. Where the purpose and cause of nonprofits synergize with the business and commerce of for-profits. We facilitate collaboration of people and organizations. We promote learning, teaching, and growth. We find our power in our purpose. We understand that being community minded and profit driven are not mutually exclusive. That simultaneously striving for social good and private profits has a compounding effect. By doing good for others, we do good for ourselves. And by becoming a community, we all thrive.


The Cause Conference positively influences conscious organizations through cross-sector collaboration and community.


Collectively deliver an impactful conference experience that inspires and empowers organizations to implement strategies for purposeful communities, businesses, and growth.