Agile Marketing: Win Customers and Bypass Competitors

Use Agile Techniques to Create Customer Value and Grow Business

 Thank You, Event Sponsor

Thank You, Event Sponsor

With customer experience and journeys now a core component of almost every organization’s strategy, there’s no better time to understand how to apply innovative and iterative thinking and technologies to your marketing toolkit. So let’s kick off the 2016-2017 San Diego AMA calendar with an inspiring conversation.

Seize Real-Time Market Opportunities

Join us this Tuesday for an informational panel discussion with Agile Marketing experts. They’ll share how you can apply these marketing management principles to:

  • Systematically incorporate the spontaneity of Agile in a prioritized, strategic fashion.
  • Apply iterative thinking and data-based decision-making to your campaign toolkit.
  • Improve internal communication, collaboration, transparency and productivity.
  • Validate and measure the effectiveness of the Agile Marketing method.

Join author and speaker Jeremiah Gardner, growth marketing expert Austin Neudecker, marketing and innovation expert Aaron Gasperi, and author and Agile executive Kristin Runyan for a panel conversation on the rapid innovations taking place in marketing. Hear from experts how technology and agile methodologies are reshaping the role of marketing.

Seating capacity is limited, so don’t wait, get your tickets today!


Jeremiah Gardner

Author and Principal, Moves The Needle

#LeanBrandLabs - Jeremiah Gardner Headshot copyJeremiah Gardner is an author, speaker, lean brand practitioner, and bulldog. He helps startups, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 organizations reframe the way they think about brand innovation, culture, and leadership. He is the author of The Lean Brand, the first book to apply lean principles to branding, is a sought after speaker, and principal at Moves The Needle. Jeremiah has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Lifehacker, The Guardian, Branding Magazine, and SayDaily.

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Austin Neudecker

Austin-Decker-Headshot-San-Diego-AMA-Agile-Marketing-EventHead of Growth,

Austin is a startup junkie, mentor and investor. Currently, he runs Growth at, a company that provides transcription, caption and translation services with over 7,000 freelancers. In the past two years, has increased its revenue & employee base five-fold.

Austin has started three companies and worked for two venture capital firms. He has extensive experience with accelerators includes Y Combinator, Techstars, DreamIt, and EvoNexus (where he is now the ‘Mentor in Residence’).

Austin works tirelessly to improve the local ecosystem. He co-founded Startup San Diego (& SD Startup Week), an organization dedicated to improving the local startup community and providing resources to entrepreneurs.

Austin received majors in EE/CS and Management at MIT and an MBA from Wharton.

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Aaron Gasperi

Technical Product Manager, eCommerce, PriceSmart

Aaron GasperiAaron is a product manager, technologist and marketer focused on customer experience and value.

Aaron has 16 years of experience in marketing and product management, an MBA from the Carlson School of Management, and has worked with some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands including CPG, B2C, and B2B enterprises like 3M, AT&T, Amtrak, Best Buy, Delta, United, General Mills, Target, Visa, Foursquare, Adobe, Sysomos, American Express, General Motors, Amazon, Activision, United Healthgroup, Pfizer, Humana, Miracle Ear and Radisson.  

He has worked as a Customer Experience Planner at AIMIA, Digital Strategy Lead at MRM/McCann, Director of Innovation and Product for media and marketing software, and ERP/cloud software. 

He has earned two Cannes Cyber lions for, and a patent in Big Data and ERP software.

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Kristin Runyan

SVP Operations & Marketing, PayLease

Kristin RunyanKristin is a passionate executive dedicated to helping good organizations become great. Her love of Agile has heavily influenced her pursuit of organizational excellence in departments as diverse as Marketing, Engineering, Support and Operations. In 2015, Kristin published her second book, “Change, Inc: An Agile Fable of Transformation,” a business fable demonstrating the applicability of the Agile tools and principles across all departments within an enterprise.

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Jacques Pavlenyi (moderator)

San Diego AMA board member Jacques PavlenyiPortfolio Marketing Director, IBM

Since joining IBM in 1998, Jacques has launched web-based data services to the chemical industry; marketed solutions to mid-sized companies, and most recently directed the worldwide portfolio marketing team for IBM enterprise social software solutions. He has presented and paneled at industry conferences, including the BtoB Marketing Summit Boston 2003, the Independent Games Conference Austin 2008, the Video Search Summit 2008, and VoiceCon San Francisco 2008. Jacques is working hard to understand how the intersection of B2B, technology and digital are transforming marketing, especially how innovative new technologies like social media can add value to B2B marketing. He is also an avid choral singer, with 30 years of experience, most recently as the co-founder of the a capella group Pacific Sound San Diego.

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UC San Diego Extension
6256 Greenwich Dr,
San Diego, CA 92122

The event will take place on the first floor of UCSD Extension, rooms 116-118.



Free, ample parking in on-site parking garage.


More than 50 passionate San Diego marketers packed the room at UCSD Extension for an eye-opening panel featuring three Agile Marketing experts and moderated by our own Jacques Pavlenyi.

Thanks again to our awesome panelists: Jeremiah Gardner, Aaron Gasperi and Kristin Runyan, and to our fantastic sponsor, IntelligenceBank.


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Here are some of the notable lessons we learned at the event:

  • Agile isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of thinking, a way of doing just about anything within your business. Agile means transparency, collaboration and prioritizing in favor of the most valuable activities. And, while you may have concrete competitive advantages, your organization’s ability to learn might be the most important one.
  • Analogies are helpful in thinking about Agile. Kristin Runyan recommended we think of Agile as an engine, not a destination, while Aaron Gasperi said that engine should be fueled with curiosity and the scientific method. Jeremiah Gardner compared Agile to a box of Nerds, with the pink ones representing things which are known and the purple representing the unknown. Guess where he recommends you spend your time…
  • Jeremiah loves to think of Agile in terms of “The 3 Es”: Empathy, Experimentation and Evidence. Remember, empathy and sympathy aren’t the same thing. Empathy is about listening and occupying our customer’s shoes, not rationalizing or apologizing.
  • Jeremiah gave us the quote of the day: “If you’ve written a business plan, congratulations! You’re a fiction writer!” He said linear plans are based on assumptions, which we should take the time to prove wrong. We should also prove that what he called “internal guardrails”, assumptions about what we can and can’t do, aren’t real.
  • The group reinforced what we’ve already learned from our recent blog post and podcast about Agile not necessarily being high-tech. Jeremiah reminded us that a cup of coffee with a customer who doesn’t love you is the most valuable tool in your marketing stack, while Kristin reaffirmed her love for Post-It notes.
  • Like any disruptive force, Agile isn’t without its pitfalls. With its emphasis on transparency, not everyone is cut out for an Agile work environment; it can result in some turnover. It also means a faster pace, and requires assigning tasks in a way that avoids burnout.



See photos from this sold-out event below!


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