You’re Invited!

If you are starving for some content goodness, we’ve got just the tasty treat to quench your content cravings!

The Content Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) Cabana Chat & Happy Hour launches March 3rd. Delving deep into learnings from the Content Marketing Series #1 and #2, this peer group of cross-industry marketing professionals will brainstorm session applications and collaboratively tackle their toughest content marketing challenges.

Buyer Personas are at the heart of any good content marketing program. But, not everyone knows the precise formula, how many to create, how to prioritize, etc.

Join us on March 3rd for the Content Marketing Special Interest Group where we’ll be discussing the following:

  • Learning the Buyer Persona Framework to ensure your content cuts through the noise
  • How to use Negative Personas to attract more of the the leads you want and less of the leads you don’t want
  • Understanding how many Buyer Personas are ideal, and how to prioritize them
  • Look at sample Buyer Personas, to help inspire you
  • Common questions and hurdles when crafting Buyer Personas
  • Open Q&A

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Frank Cowell
President, Elevator Agency


Frank brings many years of sales and marketing experience to his role as President and Content Strategist at Elevator. His unique blend of brand development and marketing savvy combined with a deep understanding of technology allows him to provide businesses with laser-focused solutions that are appropriate and effective.