Elevate Your Personal Brand

Is your personal brand ready for post-pandemic, in-person networking? We know, we’re all a bit rusty after spending 15+ months talking through Zoom. But as we get ready to dust off those button downs (are they even still in style?) and head back into the world of business events, it’s more important than ever to consider your personal brand.

We’re excited to bring you a series of quick-hit sessions aimed at polishing your personal brand, hosted by expert San Diego marketers. Learn:
1. What a personal brand is
2. How to craft your vision for success
3. Strategies for networking when you’re out of practice
4. Why it’s important to consider your digital brand
5. How to set goals to achieve your personal brand vision

And more! Get tips on what is now considered “professional” attire, whether or not you need a website, and how to navigate the personal vs. professional line. And the best part? Each session is only 30 minutes – enough time to eat your breakfast and drink your morning caffeine (or beverage of choice) with us.

Here is the lineup:

  1. Elevate Your Personal Brand – August 5
  2. Personal Branding Image: Considerations for the Post-Pandemic World – August 19
  3. Your Communication Style: Networking in a Post-Zoom World – September 2
  4. Digital Decisions: How to Craft Your Personal Brand Online – September 16
  5. Leveraging Feedback to Elevate Your Personal Brand – September 30
  6. Choosing and Developing Assets to Promote Your Personal Brand – October 14
  7. Your Personal Brand Goals for 2022 – October 28

This 7-part series will wrap up with an interactive workshop putting all your learning into practice. Are you ready? Register now!