Elevated Branding with elevator – The Cure for the Boring Brand

Do you have a boring brand? Does it lack an emotional connection with target audiences? Does it blend into the competitive landscape and become forgettable?

Join us on May 16th as we hear from Frank Cowell, President, of elevator, a Carlsbad creative agency, as he talks about the process of transforming boring brands into uniquely positioned and memorable brands that emotionally connect and have tons of personality.

Frank will also discuss why all companies should be focused on branding and the long-term benefits it can bring.

Joining Frank is Mark Tullio, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, of Lantronix. Mark will talk about the transformation of the Lantronix brand and how it has helped amplify the results of their marketing efforts. Also featured, a campaign from Toshiba’s Memory Division – the promotion of Toshiba’s 25th anniversary of their invention of NAND Flash Memory. See how this awareness campaign, promoting a very technical product to a very technical crowd, was turned into a story line that was unique and fun.

Highlights include:
  • Transforming boring brands
  • Case studies from Lantronix, Toshiba and San Diego AMA