Game-Changing Marketing Research: How & Why Every Brand Can Win

Market Research: Why Use It and How to Get the Most Out of It

While many marketers and businesses firmly embrace marketing research as a means to identify lucrative growth opportunities, others remain skeptical preferring to save dollars and time by doing “internal research” or not doing research at all. Some skeptics are under the impression that marketing research is limited to focus groups, mall intercepts and telephone surveys. The good news is that marketing research has evolved and is more accessible than ever. No longer only for large corporations with huge budgets, affordable and quick turnaround marketing research options can help every size business inform their decision making.

Using the context of game changing marketing research, this educational session will explore exciting new advances in marketing research that can be used to generate growth and profit. We will look at the brave new world of marketing research that includes neuroscience and biometric applications, semiotics, digital applications, and the use of ethnography and statistical modeling to obtain rich insights. Real life examples of how companies use marketing research will be shared along with some amusing anecdotes from the annuals of a career marketing researcher.

Join us on July 15th, from 11:30-1:00 pm, in room 317, for this educational session, to explore the uses (and abuses) of marketing research and how to exploit marketing research to generate growth and profit. We’ll review real- life examples of how companies today use marketing research and share some amusing anecdotes from the annual reports of a career market researcher.

Key takeaways from this event:

  •  An understanding of what is truly game changing in marketing research and what is just hype
  •  When to employ game changing marketing research tools and when traditional tools will suffice
  • When it is best to “do it yourself” and when to call in a professional research team 

Speaker Bio

Kirsty NunezKirsty Nunez Photo #2 May 14, 2010

President and Chief Research Strategist

Q2 Insights, Inc.

A seasoned market researcher and facilitator of innovation, Kirsty’s passion is to help clients strengthen their brands. To do this Kirsty and her team at Q2 Insights strive to fully understand their client’s businesses and offer custom marketing research and breakthrough innovation to support their client’s unique strategic and tactical goals. Kirsty and her team serve a variety of categories with a diverse arsenal of research methodologies, including ethnography and statistical modeling. Areas of specialty include brand strategy, positioning research, new product development, advertising research and innovation.

Kirsty has over 25 years of professional research experience, including experience as a statistical consultant in an academic setting, as a buyer of market research for Shell and Entergy Corporation, and as a consultant to business for Q2 Insights and Millward Brown (the largest advertising research organization in the world).  She has two masters degrees, one in Research Psychology from San Diego State University and a second in Biostatistics (Applied) Statistics from Tulane University.