How to Activate Your Brand to Drive Greater Online Effectiveness

Welcome to the third installment of the 2020 Cause Conference Summer Webinar Series!

The world is in a period of unprecedented transformation.

Many leaders in the social sector are lacking access to digital resources and best practices that could be the difference-maker for their organization. The non-profit brands that adapt quickly will be the ones that stay relevant, gain market share, revenue growth, and increase donor engagement. 

 Will yours be one of them?

Known for his data-driven strategies and proven methodologies, Frank Cowell will be presenting on how you can systematically activate, expand, and improve your online and digital strategies to keep the momentum going and your organization growing. 

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • How to identify valuable market segments and align your organization’s messaging to attract key stakeholders.
  • A proven digital framework that will help you expand awareness, improve audience targeting, and convert your marketing investments into more effective results that drive inbound traffic. 
  • Tips on how to galvanize your entire team around a shared, exciting vision 

Who is this event good for?

  • Senior leaders with social sector organizations (companies, nonprofits, universities, foundations, donor organizations, etc.)  who are feeling the stress of the changing landscape and are looking for guidance on how to pivot. This is especially relevant for organizations that may have just downsized key people in PR, marketing, social, digital, online, website, and other key areas for audience engagement.
  • Marketing Executives who are scrambling to adjust their strategy amid COVID and are looking for advice on how to keep their organization relevant and their marketing effective
  • Fundraisers who are nervous about their annual goals and are looking for actionable tips on how to foster deeper relationships and elevate relationships with potential donors and supporters.
  • Digital marketing staff looking for effective ways to further expand SEO results and be a feeder to their ‘Ascension Ladder.’

After event resources

  • Access to tools, checklists, assessments, and worksheets to help your team to further develop key brand and revenue strategies.
  • Opportunity for a free digital strategy assessment from a Digitopia executive. 

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Frank Cowell of DigitopiaFrank Cowell is a best-selling author, speaker, and CEO at Digitopia, a digital strategy, and execution agency based in San Diego.  He works regularly with CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing who are looking to create amazing brand experiences while driving inbound leads. A self-taught programmer with a deep understanding of technology, Frank enjoys a unique blend of brand development and marketing savvy that enables him to offer fresh perspectives on often-complex marketing concepts that he distills into actionable, easy-to-understand language. An energetic and entertaining speaker, Frank presents regularly to regional and national organizations on topics related to growth, branding, and digital marketing.