Marketing Outlook: Top Tech Lessons Learned from COVID-19

The Covid pandemic quickly changed how we live, work, and socialize; and we are still trying to understand how this is going to impact our lives long-term. One thing that became quickly apparent was that technology empowered, and at times hindered, our ability to survive lockdown.

In this webinar and discussion, Rich Rudzinski of Tragic Media will explore a few of the big wins and fails that we saw while navigating the rapid social changes of Covid-19.

Rich will share insights learned from their combined 35 years in the software, building, and scaling enterprise solutions across a diverse set of industries including: Health Care, Finance, Biotech, Entertainment, and more.

Since 2009, Tragic Media has architected, built, and supported complex software projects ranging from large B2C e-commerce stores to new internal business applications. Along the way, they have encountered a number of challenging situations, many focusing on advanced security and compliance regulations.