Research and Insight Development SIG Presented by James White (CSO Freshform)

Please join us for the next Research and Insights Special Interest Group (SIG). Hosted by AMA San Diego and Kirsty Nunez (Q2 Insights), and generously sponsored by University of San Diego School of Business.

Title: Does Asking The Right Question Always Get The (Verbal) Right Response? – Presented by James White (CSO Freshform)

We all know that well planned, well executed research allows us to solve problems on a global scale and make evidenced-based decisions – or does it? Research, especially qualitative, has seen an explosion over the past decade – mainly due to positivist approaches not yielding the kinds of results that had been anticipated. Therefore, more researchers and businesses are seeking alternative perspectives to understand what’s influencing their audiences.

Please join us as James White explores Qualitative Research as a broad approach that encompasses and even encourages difference and uncertainty – what you might hear is not always what your audience is thinking, so be careful of false direction.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei
“There is no truth. There is only perception.” Gustave Flaubert

Check out the video below!

James White, Chief Strategy Officer, Freshform

James White is Chief Strategy Officer at FreshForm. He’s a British native, although he has called California home for the last 8 years. He still has an accent, but he’s quick to admit “that it’s pretty messed up by now”. Place doesn’t define him, people and experience do.

As a pragmatism, strategist and futurist, he explores challenges with research, passion and purpose. Hugs, handshakes and highfives are a part of his life – as are family, friends and focus groups.

Please allow 10 minutes for parking and walking to the venue. Upon arriving to campus, turn into the Main Campus Entrance on Alcala Park Way from Linda Vista Road. Stop at the welcome kiosk and ask for parking instructions for the Mission Parking Structure. From the parking structure, head North along Torero Way.The Degheri Alumni Center will be the first building on the left.

NOTE: Guests should access campus from the Main Campus Entrance and park in the Mission Parking Structure rather than the West Entrance / West Parking Structure.