The San Diego AMA Cause Conference 2013

The San Diego AMA Cause Conference is the West Coast’s largest conference which will be celebrating its 16th year in 2014.

The annual event, held in March, brings together business and nonprofit professionals from throughout Southern California, and across the U.S., to focus on creating meaningful partnerships that lead to sustainable value.

Attendees can choose from a variety of panels and workshops on topics such as: cause marketing and branding, partnership, sponsorship development, storytelling and communications, social media, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, employee engagement, volunteerism, and more.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leveraging Employee Engagement to Drive Corporate Reputation and Impact

Increasingly, people are making values-based decisions not just about the products they buy, but where they work: In fact, nearly seventy percent of Americans say a company’s commitment to social/environmental issues is of key importance in selecting an employer. Savvy organizations are tapping into this groundswell, creating engagement programs to deepen employee loyalty by delivering positive societal impact.

Learn from employee engagement experts across the public/private/nonprofit sectors as we delve into the opportunities and challenges created by leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility as an employee engagement tool.

Key topics will include effective program development, implementation, measurement and communication.

Moderated by: Craig Bida, EVP Cause Branding, Cone Communications

  • Kathy Patoff, Vice President, Union Bank
  • Sam Santiago, Principal, Community Programs, American Airlines
  • Jeff Lindeman, Senior Director, San Diego Regional Airport Authority and Past President, San Diego SHRM
  • Chris Brooks, Manager of Social Engagement, Hilton Worldwide
  • Holly Ramer, Director, International Business Development and CSR Lead, Wolverine Worldwide

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Featured Keynote

The Power of Purpose in a Transparent World

Public-private partnerships that build commercial success and social impact are no longer a nice to do but a have to do in a hyper-connected , transparent world. Ms. Cone’s presentation will provide crisp data to prove the need and power of social issues engagement for companies and different approaches to purpose commitments. She will also provide keen insights to nonprofits seeking partners to advance their social missions.

Keynote Speaker: Carol Cone, Edelman

Download Presentations (part1), (part2), and Carol Cone Reading List


Optional Breakout Session – Group 1 (10:15 – 11:15am)

Cultural-Based Social Media

Social Media represents perhaps the largest single opportunity for most non-profits today, however, many don’t know how to engage with Social Media. The often overlooked foundation of a great social strategy begins with the cultural fit. This workshop will explain cultural fit and walk brands through the process of defining their culture, selecting the best channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc.), and creating content that will drive engagement. Participants will leave the session with checklists and outlines to aid in creating a strong social strategy for their non-profit.

Presenter: Dawn Lacallade, LiveWorld

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate

Download Presentations (part 1)(part 2)(part 3), and (part 4)

Successful Pitches: A How-To for NPOs

If you’re like most non-profits, you’ve faced funders and potential cause marketing partners lots of times. You’ve prepared a strong proposal and pitch. You put your heart into it. But you are walking away empty-handed more often these days. You know the economy has slowed; you’re not enjoying the kind of investment you are used to; you may even be seeing important initiatives die off from lack of resources.

Times have been tough, and you need it to change. Now. You need a breakthrough.

In this highly interactive hand-on workshop, we will help non-profit leaders and their teams learn how to achieve breakthrough improvements, with a special focus on cause marketing pitches and the 6 keys to a successful pitch. Participants will emerge with a fresh approach that meets prospective funder and partners where they are; connects and engages them, and increases your success in winning the “YES” you need.

Presenters: Moshe Engelberg and Teresa Sanchez, ResearchWorks

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability; Board

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Cause Talks: Powerful Stories of People and Causes That Are Changing the World

Speaker: Isabelle Finney, International Justice Mission

Many of us already know that half the world’s population live on $2 per day. UNICEF tells us that 22,000 children die each day from hunger. What we don’t hear much about however is that four billion of the world’s population also live in complete chaos with no protection under the law. In fact not only are there more slaves today than ever before (estimated to be 27 million), but we are also know that over two million children each year are trafficked for sex. Corruption, lack of law and order and a flagrant disregard for human rights is common practice in the communities in which the worlds’ poorest of the poor live. This needs to stop, and it needs to stop in our generation.

Poverty is no excuse for injustice – how one organization is fighting violent crime against the poor.

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Speaker: Neil Guiliano, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

It was in the city of San Francisco, among gay men in the Castro neighborhood, where HIV/AIDS first reached epidemic levels in the US.

Come hear how a new holistic approach to fighting HIV/AIDS, from the standpoint of health and wellness, not sickness and disease. Hear the compelling data and learn the new advances being undertaken to bring about the day when HIV/AIDS ends in the city where it first took hold. The San Francisco model of care has been replicated around the globe, and will be again as San Francisco AIDS Foundation pursues an innovative and new approach to bring about the end of HIV/AIDS.

No Presentation Available

Speaker: Paul Motenko, Stacked Restaurants, LLC

Hear how a cause marketing program built around a simple dessert helped define and inspire a company’s culture of compassion. Detailing the incredibly strong win-win relationship between the BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Intended audience: All conference attendees

Get Social Media Right in Corporate Social Responsibility

Social media can be a powerful tool for stakeholder engagement. It can broaden your reach, help source new ideas from the margins, and create a real-time, continuous feedback loop. And it’s not just about Twitter and Facebook. Companies today are using a broad range of social media channels.

Yet precisely because of the real-time feedback and speed at which online situations can escalate, social media can feel like the wild west of communications, leaving some hesitant to join the fray.

Participants in this session will come away with practical knowledge, tools, and tips that they can use today to broaden the impact of social media in their CSR programs and communications.

Presenter: Naomi Mandelstein, Global Philanthropy Forum; Joyce Sood, BSR

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; CRS/Sustainability

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Reimagining Service: Impact Through Effective Volunteer Engagement

Reimagining Service is a national, multi-sector coalition dedicated to increasing impact through effective volunteer engagement practices. In this session, business and nonprofit leaders will discuss inspired practices and the latest research and tools available to support your organization’s efforts to maximize the contributions of volunteers.

Moderator: Jeff Hoffman, Jeff Hoffman & Associates, Global Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

Panelists: Sam Santiago, American Airlines; Ronda Wilkin, Blue Shield of California; Tom Iselin, First Things First; Rebecca Smith, Board of Directors, United Way of San Diego County

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Human Resources; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability

No Presentation Available

Optional Breakout Sessions – Group 2 (11:30 – 12:30pm)

Building Sustainable Value and Growth for Your Nonprofit Through Strategic Partnership

Gain the tools and templates to place monetary value on your organization’s resources and learn to differentiate your proposal from the rest of the crowd.

Participants will:

  • Learn the basics of cause marketing and best practices
  • Hear the latest research on partnership growth and ways to be more effective.
  • Identify tools to evaluate large or small nonprofit resources
  • Receive a template for presenting nonprofit resources for partnership
  • Understand the basic guidelines for developing Return on Investment or Return on Community Investment (ROCI) from the perspective of companies.

Presenter: Parker Pike, UCSD Extension, The San Diego Social Innovation Trust

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Human Resources; Media/PR; CEO/Executive; CSR/Sustainability; Board

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Challenging Conversations: Encouraging Collaboration on Sensitive Issues

Mental health is not a topic readily discussed in public. Add to it any iteration of mental illness, and it is typically shunned. Three panelists, each representing different mental health/brain health organization, will share their perspectives on the importance of mental health awareness, breaking down the barrier of stigma, and communicating the value and rewards of collaboration on public awareness and support programs to potential strategic partners and donors. Organizations focusing on sensitive issues or going through a challenging phase of brand perception will come away with some practical advice on overcoming obstacles to collaboration, while corporate execs will gain a new perspective on partnering with organizations and supporting programs on difficult issues.

Moderator: Carol McAvoy, Carol McAvoy Consulting

Panelists: Maggie Watkins, Alzheimer’s Association; Rachel Peniche, Vista Hill, Muffy Walker, International Bipolar Foundation

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; Branding/Design; Corporate; Board

No Presentation Available

Mythic Storytelling: Empower Evangelists for Your Brand and Cause

Are you looking for a better way to tell your company’s or organization’s story? Tired of watching your cause drown in the flood of marketing messages? Ready for people to listen with interest and become evangelists for your brand and cause?

To get noticed and create a better future, you’ll need to engage in storytelling. In this session you’ll learn about a mythic structure for stories that has always worked and that anyone can master. We’ll draw on concepts from the new book by Free Range Studios, “Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future,” including:

  • What the story wars are and why you need to join the fray!
  • What the Digitoral Era is and why it’s challenging the broadcast era
  • The 5 deadly sins of marketing and how to avoid them
  • 3 tips for Empowerment Marketing: identify your organizational values, tell the truth and be interesting
  • How to begin your own Story Strategy Map

Presenter: Amon Rappaport, Rappaport Communications

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability; Board; Other

Download Presentations (part1) and (part2)

Building Your Brand to Win: How Your Purpose Wins Minds, Hearts, and Donations

Unlike buying a car, where there is a small consideration set to choose from, there are over one million non-profit organizations competing for the share of people’s minds, hearts, time and money.

It’s no surprise that in this increasingly competitive battle for donations and dollars, the need to stand out is supreme. The sector is no longer straightforward and simple; corporate organizations have adopted programs of social good. As donors raise the question, “Where should I give my money?” non-profits and causes must consider: “How can I stay relevant?” The answer lies in creating a genuine brand experience that’s consistent and compelling, and comes to life across all touchpoints.

This interactive session addresses how brand-building activities must focus on the call to action for donors and supporters, and not only on the benefits of programs and services. By honing in on connecting with your audience, non-profit organizations can realize their desired economic and social benefits.

Participants will collaborate and examine how their corporate giving program aligns with their brand platform, ensuring value for the corporation and the cause it supports.

Presenter: Jason Cieslak, Siegel+Gale

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate; Board

Download Presentations (part1), (part2), (part3), and (part4)

Cross-Sector Partnerships: Aligning a Brand Under an Issue – Maximizing Internal and External Resources.

Corporate America is constantly being asked to make a difference in the communities in which they work, live and play. Whether it is through traditional cause-related marketing or employee engagement, there is an expectation to do good. However, a company is responsible for profit and creating jobs. How do these responsibilities mix with those a non-profit or government organization who is responsible through their missions to impact change? This corporate panel will focus on how brands juggle this tightrope by developing strategic platforms in which they partner with community organizations and others to bring their goodwill to life, while still driving sales. The panel will include:

  • Proper alignment for social values
  • Collaboration
  • Developing campaigns from the ground up
  • Leveraging a company’s assets and/or expertise

Moderator: Scott Pansky, Allison+Partners

Panelists: Nathan Fletcher, Qualcomm; Kathy Mota, Toyota; Cami Mattson, Cox Communications; George Gibbs, UPS

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; CEO/Executive; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability; Board

No Presentation Slides Available

Optional Breakout Sessions – Group 3 (1:30 – 2:30pm)

The Business of Doing Good

Traditionally, defining business success has been a simple proposition: What’s the bottom line? But a growing number of businesses are seeking to shift that paradigm. These leaders envision a new sector of the economy; one that harnesses the power of private enterprise to create public benefit, and measures success by the value created for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Through their products, practices, and profits, they believe that businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.

Join us as we explore The Business of Doing Good, and get to know some of the companies and causes that are leading the way in this growing movement.

Moderator: Frank G. Scarpaci, VIANOVA

Panelists: Tim Frick, Mightybytes; Blake Holiday, Climate Ride; Andy Fyfe, B Lab; Andrew Motiwalla, Terra Education Inc.

Intended audience: Small/Midsize Business; CEO/Executive; CSR/Sustainability; Nonprofit Management

No Presentation Available

Less is MORE: How to Impress a Larger Audience With a Smarter Brand

The presentation will give insight into how to create a smarter brand that will engage a larger audience and how to get the audience to act for the cause. It will give an overview of the branding process, local, national and international trends in branding, do’s/don’ts, tips, resources and case studies. The audience will leave with a broad perspective about how to create a brand, the purpose of good branding and insider tips to take back to the office and put into action.

Presenter: Guusje Bendeler, PARALLAX Branding + Interactive

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability

Download Presentations (part1) and (part2)

Online Video: The New Frontier for Fundraising

The key to capturing more donor dollars lies in connecting to the heart of your donors. There is no better tool to make this emotional connection than video. Videos have long been used to pull on the heartstrings at non-profit fundraising events. But now, online video can make your vision viral. Come explore how the new frontier of online video can make fundraising easier and more fun than ever.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Connect to Your Donor’s Heart with Video
  • How to increase your Search Engine Rankings with Online Video
  • Resources for creating your own videos on a tight budget
  • How to Effectively Use the Colossal Power of YouTube, the 2nd biggest search engine in the world
  • And More

Presenter: Jill Addison, Online Video Producer

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Media/PR

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How to Get Your Story Told

“How to Get Your Story Told” will give you pointers on how to get the media interested in your cause/business. You will hear from local media and public relations professionals as they explain the best way to generate media interest in your organization’s efforts. Do you know what to write to get an assignment editor’s attention? What makes a good story on television? We’ll answer these questions and many more… You can submit your questions early via Twitter to @prprosandiego or by using the hashtag #HowtoGetYourStoryTold.

Moderator: Gayle Falkenthal, Falcon Valley Group

Panelists: Scott Lewis, Voice of San Diego, Jon Fischer, CW6 News; Dana Littlefield, UT San Diego; John Van Zante, Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Media/PR; Small/Midsize Business; CEO/Executive; Corporate; Board

No Presentation Available

Beyond Cause Marketing: Partnerships with Purpose

Companies and causes are increasingly forming partnerships with purpose: strategic, long-term alliances designed to meet both business and social/environmental objectives and go beyond product- and publicity-driven marketing campaigns. Join us for first-hand accounts of success stories from the field, including: a Conservation Fund program that engaged several hundred thousand U-Haul customers on climate change and habitat restoration issues; a Natural Resources Defense Council initiative with the NFL and other major league sports to promote and popularize sustainability behaviors; and a Petco project benefitting pet health, advocacy and adoption.

Moderator: Amon Rappaport, Rappaport Communications

Panelists: Robin Raj, Citizen Group; Terry Parish, Emota; Jena Thompson Meredith, Conservation Fund; Katherine Smith, Petco

Intended audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Media/PR; Branding/Design; CEO/Executive; Corporate; CSR/Sustainability; Board; Other

Download Presentation (#1)Download Presentation (#2) and View Video

Closing Plenary

Innovating Digital Philanthropy: Making Online Engagement a Priority in 2013

This session will begin with an informative look at comScore’s consumer research into mobile and digital behaviors. Where are we headed in 2013 and what learnings apply to the world of non-profits and cause marketing? Our panel will then discuss the innovative platforms their companies have developed to help make fund and friend-raising easier. How do these types of platforms tie into social media? What should you be considering now in your social media and communications planning? Pinterest? Instagram? Maybe you need a kickstart? Maybe you should stick with what’s working but improve results. This discussion will provide actionable takeaways and inspire you to make online engagement a priority in 2013.

Moderator: Indra Gardiner Bowers, i.d.e.a.

Panelists: Scott Chisholm, Stay Classy; Brooke Christopher,, Amy Lesnick, Indiegogo

Intended Audience: Marketing/Communications; Fundraising/Development; Nonprofit Management; Human Resources; Media/PR; CEO/Executive; CSR/Sustainability; Board

Download Presentation (i.d.e.a.)Download Presentation (indiegogo)


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