Unleashing Brand Advocates

brand.advocates.book.1Advocate marketing is hot! 67% of CMOs say driving advocacy and loyalty is their #1 digital priority, according to a recent IBM study. And eMarketer stated recently: “Brand advocacy is now a critical part of the social media marketing mix.”

Join us September 26th at 11:30am for an event featuring Rob Fuggetta, the world’s leading expert on brand advocacy. Rob will share real-world insights and experiences on how B2C and B2B brands are leveraging their Advocates to drive advocacy and sales.

Fuggetta’s presentation will show you:

  1. How to identify Brand Advocates
  2. How to turn Advocates into a powerful marketing force
  3. How to track and optimize results of Advocate marketing programs

Fuggetta also will share 5 Best Practices of Advocate marketing including whether companies should pay or provide incentives to Brand Advocates.

About the Speaker

rob.fuggetta.zuberance Rob Fuggetta is the founder & CEO of Zuberance and is the world’s leading expert on brand advocacy. Zuberance has pioneered the Advocate marketing category and has managed and powered over 1,000 Advocate marketing programs involving millions of Brand Advocates for leading B2C & B2B brands. Rob is the author of the #1 book in the Advocate marketing category:  “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force” (Wiley, 2012.) Rob is a popular, in-demand speaker who has presented at Ad Tech, ANA (The Association of National Advertisers), the Online Marketing Summit, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit, the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association (LVIMA), Club Industry,  and at numerous AMA and PRSA events. In addition, Rob’s articles about brand advocacy have appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, iMedia, and other publications.


Rob Fuggetta’s insights were invaluable! Rob shared his three high level steps to activating brand advocates: 1. Identify Advocates, 2. Energize Advocates, and 3. Track Results. We learned a simple way to identify your brand advocates: Simply ask your customers, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us?” Those that answer “9” or “10” are your advocates!