Virtual SEO Bootcamp 2020
Hone your SEO skills to conquer 2021 in our exclusive SEO Bootcamp, where you will get personalized advice and strategies from SEO experts.

About this Event


Once again AMA San Diego, in conjunction with Inseev Interactive, is hosting a SEO Bootcamp! Whether you’re an enterprise marketer, small business leader or marketing consultant, if you want to learn how SEO really works in 2020 and beyond, this event is for you!

We’ll start with a one-hour introduction to search engine optimization with real-world examples answering these questions:

  • How do search engines work?
  • How can an organic search strategy impact your business?
  • What can organic search do, and what can’t it do?
  • How does organic search indicate market trends?
  • What are the most important recent algorithm and SERP changes?

Then, we’ll break into small groups to analyze and discuss attendees’ individual websites.

When you register for this event, we’ll ask you to tell us your domain so the Inseev team can perform a micro-audit on it. We’ll review our findings with you in person, including:

  • Visibility history & trends
  • Key technical issues
  • Entry pages
  • Keyword universe
  • Competitive landscape
  • Authority profile
  • Content ideas

You’ll receive a copy of your micro-audit, along with an Inseev Guide to SEO. But most importantly, you’ll get real advice on the best opportunities and top priorities for your actual website!

Finally, we’ll close with tips on copywriting for SEO and Q&A.

Space Is Limited, And So Is Time

We are closing registration on October 16th so that we can complete the micro-audits for each attendee’s domain. Don’t delay, register early!

But Value Is Not!

When we break into work groups to discuss your micro-audit results and opportunities, there will be a maximum of ten attendees per SEO strategist. With this individualized attention, you’ll come away from the event with a clear understanding of the top SEO priorities for your business. The value of the SEO consulting time you’ll receive is at least 5X the registration fee. There’s no better SEO education opportunity in San Diego this year!

The Fine Print

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this event will be taking place virtually on Zoom. You will still receive the same highly personalized SEO advice and one of the advantages to doing this virtually is that our SEO Strategists can share their screens to show you examples as they are being discussed!

**Important note: The focus of this event is on traditional organic search results, not map pack (local) results**


Are you almost, but not quite, sure this event is for you? No problem! Send any questions to info[at]sdama[dot]org. We’ll do our best to fill in any gaps right away.