True or False? 2015 Has Been the Year of Digital Transformation

Late last year, Adobe’s published “Will 2015 Be The Year of Digital Transformation? Marketing Leaders Predict”. Adobe asserted that in a similar story for 2014, the phrase “digital transformation” wasn’t mentioned once, but that it would be all the rage in 2015.

In a survey of 70 marketing leaders for 2015, Adobe asked, “What is the one move marketers need to make for 2015 to be the year of true digital transformation?”

Adobe then highlighted in a series of blog posts its favorite responses in three categories:

  • Omni-channel Integration. Marketers must take advantage of technology platforms and insights to understand customer journeys and unify engagement throughout the purchasing lifecycle.
  • Mobile Mania. Increasingly sophisticated devices, virtual reality storytelling and location-based services open up revolutionary possibilities for personalized and timely interactions.
  • Humanizing Data. Brands have to utilize new technologies and big-data analytics to deliver individualized experiences that take into account physical space, social media activity, personal preferences and buying history.

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Find the CMO survey article here, and Adobe’s three highlight blog posts here, here and here.

The San Diego AMA chapter continues to organize its fifth annual Art of Marketing conference Nov. 11 at the Marriott San Diego Del Mar (register here), and we’ve been drawing inspiration from research like Adobe’s to curate a lineup of thought-leading speakers and inspiring topics. As the marketing communications chair for the event, I’m excited that that the content my team is sharing about our sessions aligns so well with some of the most pressing issues marketers face today:

  • Brand & Buyer Personas: Data-driven Profiles that Enable Strong Customization
  • Programmatic and Digital Advertising: Extreme Personalization
  • CRM: Scaling Big Data for Impactful Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating Personalized eCommerce Experiences
  • Multi-Attribution in Omni-channel Marketing

Meanwhile, our work has me wondering if 2015 really has been a year of digital transformation. I’d love to hear your thoughts — do you agree that brands have made huge digital transformation strides in 2015? Or have we not even begun to tap the potential that digital technology holds for marketers? What digital innovations have you or your team undertaken this year?

Enter a comment below, share your input, and we’ll consider it in our event planning. And by all means come to #SDAOM to learn more!

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Bill was the Chair of the 2019 Art of Marketing Conference and VP, Content for three years. He is a a senior pursuit manager at Deloitte, formerly a digital marketer with Neil Patel Digital and Inseev Interactive. When not at work, he enjoys coffee, CrossFit, traveling, current events and post-apocalyptic fiction.