2018 Art of Marketing Conference Preview

Left: Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Voicera and 2018 Art of Marketing keynote speaker; right: Christine Wiley, AMA San Diego President with Matthew Parisi, conference chair.

How will marketers learn to break through the noise at #SDAOM 2018? Listen in to find out!

There’s a lot of clutter out there. Whether we’re talking about customers sorting through competing messages, enterprises selecting tools and strategies, or professionals advancing their careers and collaborating better, separating the important from the trivial is a challenge for all of us.

That’s why AMA San Diego has identified “Breaking through the Noise” as the theme for the 2018 Art of Marketing conference. We’re so excited to see how this theme takes shape through keynotes, breakouts and networking sessions that we brought together some of the key players in this year’s conference to preview it for us on this edition of This Week in Marketing.

Joining us by phone was Cory Treffiletti, one of our keynote speakers. Cory is CMO of Voicera, whose Eva enterprise virtual assistant uses artificial intelligence to take notes for you during meetings, even those you miss! Cory explained how AI applications like Eva enable users to cut through the noise by being more present and concentrating on strategic activities during their busy workdays. He also shared his perspective on some of the most important trends in marketing and told us what he’s most looking forward to at #SDAOM.

In the studio were Christine Wiley, AMA San Diego president and Matthew Parisi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tealium and our event chair. Christine and Matthew gave us some interesting format details including the fact that we’ve reduced the number of tracks and breakouts from four each to three each this year, freeing up valuable time for networking with San Diego marketing leaders.

If you’re thinking about attending Art of Marketing 2018, this show will certainly help you decide. Even if you’ve already bought your tickets, listen in to hear how other marketers are thinking about overcoming all the surplus voices competing for attention every day!

This Week in Marketing, Apr. 3, 2018: 2018 Art of Marketing Conference Preview