A Whey to Build Marketshare

Host Bill Winn, Ash Hannig of Iconic Protein, Kevin Weatherall of Detour Bar and guest host Sam Wheeler.

Performance nutrition: a classic case of multi-channel marketing

You might think performance nutrition marketing is all fun and games. After all, marketers of energy bars and sports drinks get to work with influencers, share product samples and attend competitive events.

Best of all, a satisfied customer might buy your product day after day for life!

But this type of gig also comes with its share of challenges, like:

  • Differentiating your brand and product in a crowded segment
  • Optimizing on Amazon, the 800 lb. gorilla of online retail
  • Overcoming the occasional negative customer experience

Kevin Weatherall, Director of Marketing at Detour Bar, and Ash Hannig, Field Marketing Manager at Iconic Protein, visited the AMA San Diego podcast studio to educate us on the joys and difficulties of marketing performance nutrition products.

These purveyors of whey-based products were insightful and honest. Listen in!

AMA San Diego Podcast, Nov. 7, 2017: A Whey to Build Marketshare