Best Practices for Zoom/Mobile Phone Recording

Positioning: Things not to do

• Don’t position yourself against a blank wall.
• Don’t position your self with a bright light or window behind you.
• Don’t position your laptop or phone below you
Positioning: Things to do
• Position yourself with something interesting but not too busy behind you.
• Position yourself where you can see some of the depth of the room
• Position yourself where there is a window in front of you, this can provide nice natural light.
• Stack some books and place your laptop on this books. You want the camera to be level with
your face
• Look at your web cam, not at your screen. This will give the impression of eye contact.


• Lighting should come from the front of you and evenly light your face.
• Again a window in front of you can provide nice natural light.
• If you don’t have a window move some lamps around to light your face.


• For women do your makeup as you normally would for a work day. However, makeup should
be natural, Smoky eyes, heavy eyeliner, vivid lips, and glitter cosmetics or lotions are not a
good choice for web cams.
• For men you will want to knock down the shine on your skin, This can be done with some
translucent powder or some mattefier lotion.


• Zoom in a quiet room.
• Mute your TV, stereo or smart home device.
• Mute your phone


Misc. Tips

Dress professionally unless otherwise advised.
Close unnecessary tabs in your browser and turn off notifications such as Email or messaging.