Climbing the Value Ladder

Chef Works carries traditional white chefs uniforms, but also markets edgier designs that appeal to a wide range of establishments in today’s diverse hospitality industry.

Reinvention drives growth at Chef Works

San Diego-based Chef Works was once narrowly focused on designing and marketing the conservative white uniforms we’re used to seeing at the most traditional restaurants and hotels.

Sensing a transformation afoot in the hospitality industry towards eye-catching spaces, sustainable menus and unique customer experiences, the brand undertook an overhaul of its product portfolio and marketing to expand its customer base and drive growth.

The project didn’t come without resistance and in the end prompted change in almost every part of the business, but according to Vice President of Marketing Amanda Stuckey, the resulting increase in revenue and profit was more that worth the trouble for the family-owned company.

Amanda joined us in the studio to tell us all about the journey she led and the state of the business today. She also told us what looming challenge keeps her up at night, what trend she’s most excited about and why she’s so passionate about creativity.

AMA San Diego Podcast, Feb. 20, 2018: Climbing the Value Ladder