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A new chapter year brings a full slate of events to educate, entertain and inspire

San Diego AMA board member Jacques Pavlenyi

Authored by Jacques Pavlenyi,
VP Event Programming

Welcome back to all of our returning San Diego AMA Members and event attendees! As your new Vice President of Event Programming, I wanted to introduce myself and our upcoming calendar of exciting events for 2016-2017.

But before I do, I must start with some deeply felt thanks to those who have come before me. Most importantly, thank you to all our event attendees. In these busy times, your participation and feedback are truly a gift of your time, and we intend to continue to honor that with great speakers, content, and experiences.

I want to especially thank my amazing predecessor, Linda Phillips, who pulled together some truly fantastic events last year: great bootcamps on Hispanic Marketing and Content Marketing. Signature Events and speakers on marketing research, marketing strategy, video marketing, and content content content! She also hand held me through my on-boarding process with great patience and skill.

I finally want to also thank our amazing volunteers including Samantha Tollin, Sherin Tebbi, Danielle Hashem, and many more, who are key to making our events the successes they are.

New year, new theme

Our theme for 2016-17 is “CLOSING THE LOOP”. Whether in our Signature Event series, our granddaddy Art of Marketing conference (now in its sixth year!), or our other events and activities, we will use this theme to explore how continuous learning, data, technology, and a strategic yet iterative approach are critical for marketing success in 2016 and beyond. Regardless of your industry, how big or small your organization is, whether you’re a super specialist or a Jane of All Trades, an intermediate marketer or a marketing legend, we hope you’ll find this year’s events are just what the career doctor ordered.

savings-bubble-11-05-16September and October will see two Signature Events that explore the growing role of technology in marketing, both at the top and the middle of the funnel to optimize your conversion rates. November is our flagship event, the Art of Marketing conference. In January, we plan to help you get 2017 kicked off right with a reprise of our hugely successful CMO Roundtable. March will be all about diversity as we approach our 19th annual Cause Conference. And we round out the spring and the 2016-17 chapter year with events around Growth and Startup Marketing and Holistic Campaign Planning.

But let’s not forget to have a little fun, right? We plan to have some great mixers this season, including a September “Mix Local” networking event, our Art of Marketing Mixer, our annual participation in the smash holiday party Mingle Bells, our Cause Conference Mixer, Members Only Mixers, and much more. Watch this space!

Spreading the love

We also plan to coordinate more closely with our sister organizations here in San Diego, including SDX, SDDirect, SoCal Marketing Club, San Diego Startup Week, and other great marketing and business organizations. We know they provide great content and networking opportunities that matter to marketers, so watch for stronger partnerships so you can experience the full richness of what it means to be a well-rounded, well-networked and well-tanned San Diego marketer!

Finally, a little bit about me. I’ve been with the American Marketing Association in various chapters over my 20 year marketing career with IBM, including New York City, San Francisco, and for the past four years, here in America’s Finest City. While this is the first time I’ve served on the Board of Directors of an AMA chapter, I’ve had the great fortune of serving on other not-for-profit boards in Montreal (where I was born and attended McGill University), or in New York City where for 16 years I lived the amazing Manhattan experience. I’m excited to give back to my newly adopted hometown, and to the profession that has made my career so fulfilling. And I’m excited to be working with a talented Board of Directors, all of whom bring a wealth of experience, but more importantly, great attitudes and a sense of fun.

I encourage you to keep an eye on our 2016-17 schedule of events. As always, AMA members get significant discounts (50% or more in most cases), unique access, and other exclusive career-advancing opportunities. There has never been a better time to join San Diego AMAWith such a packed schedule this year, your AMA membership will more than pay for itself.

Members save at least $850 just on our major events, and lots more when you consider SIGs (special interest groups), discounts on events hosted by partner organizations and other benefits and discounts.



About Jacques

Jacques Pavlenyi is VP, Programming at San Diego AMA. Since joining IBM in 1998, Jacques has launched web-based data services to the chemical industry; marketed solutions to mid-sized companies, and most recently directed the worldwide portfolio marketing team for IBM enterprise social software solutions. He has presented and paneled at industry conferences, including the BtoB Marketing Summit Boston 2003, the Independent Games Conference Austin 2008, the Video Search Summit 2008, and VoiceCon San Francisco 2008. Jacques is working hard to understand how the intersection of B2B, technology and digital are transforming marketing, especially how innovative new technologies like social media can add value to B2B marketing. He is also an avid choral singer, with 30 years of experience, most recently as the co-founder of the a capella group Pacific Sound San Diego.