Conquering the Stigmatic Marketing Tasks of the Vape Industry

Welcome back to another episode of This Week in Marketing! On the 10/6 installment, I have the pleasure of speaking with Jason Bynum, Marketing lead at Vapor Empire – a full-service vape supply store.

The vaping industry has grown up before our eyes over the last 10-15 years. We saw it shock the world as a groundbreaking alternative to cigarettes, become a fashion statement, and even spawn things like vape competitions! Unfortunately, this evolution hasn’t been without speedbumps. The harsh reality is that anything involving nicotine is going to have a stigma.

In this show, Jason and I dive into the vape industry, how it has progressed, and how to get into the marketing game.

The show kicks off with Jason giving us his insider take on the vape industry’s short – yet eventful – progression, the impact of regulation on marketing, and what the future may hold.

A great word of wisdom we get from Jason is marketing as a vape company is not about getting people started – it’s about getting people to switch from dangerous cigarettes. This segues perfectly into our chat about the industry’s biggest myths, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Jason then gives us an excellent list of the do’s and don’ts of marketing in the vape industry, which channels to focus on, and some tips for setting up a marketing budget. To ask the recurring question of 2020 – the next topic in the show is how COVID-19 has impacted the vape industry, and the marketing challenges it presents.

As the show winds down, Jason and I talk about some of the interesting ways vape brands have broken through the noise, created communities, and how to spread a brand presence as a new vape company (or any company in a stigmatic industry).

Are you trying to marketing in an industry with a stigma attached to it? Definitely give this one a listen!


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