Content Marketing & COVID: How to Keep the Brand Moving Forward

Good morning marketers!

Sam and I come to you again from our home offices to talk content marketing and why it’s so important in this COVID-19 era. From an agency perspective, we’re starting to see the initial shock and panic of the coronavirus-induced economic downturn subside – and brands are realizing it’s sink or swim.

The focus of this 30-minute episode is on content marketing and how to use it effectively right now. Sam and I share some of our favorite examples of content marketing from past economic crises, what a few good brands are doing these days, some good tools to start the process, and how brands can really hammer out a direction for their next move.

  • Will we ever go back to normal?
  • Will the perception of “normal” change?
  • Is a complete marketing revamp in order?
  • How do you transition more of your efforts online?
  • What type of content marketing should you invest in right now?

Sam and I answer all these questions in this episode of This Week in Marketing.




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Kevin Svec is the Chief Content Strategiest at E2M Solutions Inc. In addition to hosting the San Diego AMA's radio show, This Week in Marketing, Kevin runs his town travel blog. Check out his post on SEO Tips for Travel Bloggers!