Context Marketing: Is That a Typo?

John Bertino

Trends in digital advertising and public relations

John Bertino, co-founder and owner of The Agency Guy, works with small to mid-size brands on marketing strategy and vendor selection, helping brands find the best agency partners to execute their strategic marketing initiatives. By occupying this intersection, he gets a chance to gather intelligence on common challenges and solutions shared by a range of brands and their partners.

In this podcast, John shares some of the trends he’s seeing in digital advertising and public relations. The underlying theme, and it’s a recurring one, is that successful marketers are focused today not just on content marketing, but on context marketing. This means delivering the right message to the right person at the right time in the right way. We discuss with John the roles that native advertising, public relations and programmatic ad buying play in attempting to deliver on this promise.

Segment 1: Like Content, Only Better


Segment 2: More Common Than You Think


Segment 3: PR – Hotter than Ever


Segment 4: Programmatic Buying – Who’s In?