CRM Plus Marketing Automation (Should) Equal Growth

Greenrope founder and CEO Lars Helgeson, right, explains marketing automation best practices to This Week in Marketing host Bill Winn.

The biggest obstacles to successful marketing automation are human, not technical

Many businesses that implement customer relationship management and marketing automation systems fail to realize the power of these combined technologies. They treat these tools as no more than glorified email platforms, sending monthly electronic newsletters to large lists.

This underutilization explains why Lars Helgeson, founder and CEO of longtime AMA San Diego supporter Greenrope, takes advantage of every opportunity to extol the virtues of a correctly-implemented marketing automation platform.

Lars explains in this podcast how improper usage of marketing automation is not typically a technology problem, but a human one. People are reluctant to try new things, instead favoring the familiar. Many businesses don’t take the time to understand their customer journeys adequately, and stakeholders resist sharing data and knowledge across departments.

Successful implementation of both your CRM and marketing automation platform requires thoughtfulness, flexibility and leadership among all stakeholders. Listen to this episode of This Week in Marketing to hear best practices for organizational adaptation and real world examples of marketing automation done right.

This Week in Marketing, May 1, 2018: CRM Plus Marketing Automation (Should) Equal Growth