Data-Driven Marketing

With the wealth of information at our disposal, why guess?

Q2 Insights President Kirsty Nunez

Testing is a marketing best practice. Marketers develop hypotheses about the way people might respond to different content, ads and landing pages, and then test alternatives until we’ve got the most successful combination.

But there are ways to start our campaigns on firmer footing. While there will always be a need to test, we can take advantage of quantitative and qualitative analysis to form the basis of our initiatives.

And that’s what a data expert like Kirsty Nunez of Q2 Insights brings to the table. Kirsty, a longtime San Diego AMA supporter and board member, joins guest host Mike Matamala, the chapter’s vice president of social and earned media, to discuss the value and practice of data-driven marketing. Tune in to learn more about data-driven personas, customer journeys, need states and more.

The show wraps up with an introduction to the San Diego marketing leaders survey Kirsty is helping the chapter complete. The survey, which will present the state of marketing in America from a San Diego perspective, is an excellent example of data-driven content!

San Diego AMA Podcast, April 18, 2017: Data-Driven Marketing