Designing Big Gains

Scott Robinson, FreshForm

Scott Robinson, founder & principal of FreshForm, a San Diego design & innovation agency.

Leading companies use Design Thinking and Design Sprints to accelerate success

Over the last decade, thoughtful business leaders and innovators have adopted Design Thinking as a problem-solving protocol. The idea is to engage interdisciplinary teams to analyze product, process and customer experience challenges, consider and refine solutions, and execute on improvements.

Then there are Design Sprints, where the process is accelerated into a short timeframe, typically five days, that has been widely agreed to optimize progress.

We asked Scott Robinson, design expert and founder of FreshForm, to share with us his knowledge of these groundbreaking techniques. Tune in to learn how a slew of well-known companies, from Google to IBM, Airbnb to Uber, Intuit to MassMutual, are using Design Thinking and Design Sprints to drive big gains.


 1 design defined
2 design thinking vs. customer experience
3 doing it all in five days
4 why walk when you can sprint?