Digital Marketing for 2020 Part 2

After an awesome part one back in December, Sam and I return to the wsRadio studio for part 2 of our Digital Marketing for 2020 series!

This one focuses mainly on link building – an area where Sam reigns supreme!

Segment 1

We kick off the show by discussing some of the big changes we’ve seen in link building in recent months. More particularly, Google’s March 1st update to nofollow links. This change involves nofollow tags: “ugc” and “sponsored”

Why did Google make this change – after nofollow links have essentially been worthless in link building for more than a decade?

Ultimately it boils down to Google wanting to index the web more strictly – and get rid of people using shady link building tactics.

Sam and I also discuss some sites getting hit due to outbound links, and what brands can do about it in their link building process!

Segment 2

In segment 2, we pick up where we left off with guest posting and how to update your tactics to build good links.

The key is to have a team working to pinpoint good opportunities for the target website. For instance, if there is a good post written that could use your resource to add value, this would be more beneficial than simply reaching out to post a one-and-done guest article.

Sam also recommends to approach target websites with the intent of being an ongoing columnist. Ultimately, good link building is about adding long term value to the site’s readership, not yourself.

Segment 3

Segment 3 is all about link building in e-commerce. Building links to product and category pages is not an easy task – and one that’s getting more difficult. Sam and I discuss some ways e-commerce brands can formulate their link building strategies and position themselves as industry leaders.

Pro Tip: Know how to position your product links as a resource.

To quote a recent episode of The Marketing Microscope with Brian Dean (founder of Backlinko), I talk about how e-commerce brands should create informational content – like industry reports – to showcase their products on their own site. Then, they can use this in their link building approach.

Now, the product pages within this post won’t get as much value as a direct link would, but it’s something. Plus, it will be much easier to get links to the informational content.

Segment 4

The final segment picks up with a few additional link building tactics, E-A-T, and how to make it all work.

Sam provides an expert tip to find pages that link to Wikipedia, then create a more insightful piece. The idea is to outreach the site owner and ask them to replace the Wikipedia link with yours. Believe it or not, it works more than you might assume!

We wrap up the show with some good parting advice on link building. In a nutshell, as long as you’re adding real, relevant value (with no blaring ulterior motives), your link building strategies will serve you well!

If you’re interested in advancing your link building profile in 2020 and beyond, definitely give this episode a listen!