Digital Marketing for 2020 Pt. 1

In this week’s episode of “This Week in Marketing”, hosts Kevin and Sam chat about digital marketing going into 2020. The first of a multi-show series, this episode dives right into Domain Authority 2.0 and voice search.

digital marketing 2020

Segment 1: Domain Authority – Expertise

The release of Domain Authority 2.0 has rolled out and has many SEO professionals drawing comparisons. Domain Authority 1.0 focused mainly on backlinks driving DA rating, however, we now see that Google is looking for much more than just links, that being E.A.T., or “expert”, “authority”, and “trustworthy”.

Becoming an expert means that you hire an expert in your field to write for your website or finding a content writer good enough to pose as an expert. Kevin advises that using cheap freelance writers isn’t a great idea when looking to build expertise.

Segment 2: Domain Authority – Authority

Authority, as Kevin and Sam discuss, is all about how users, and ultimately Google views your expertise. Building authority is all about getting endorsements from those in similar fields as you as backlinks from their website to yours. Sam points out that it’s crucial to consider the quality of links you get instead of doing something like paying for backlinks, which will likely get you a large number of links on low-DA spammy sites. These are essentially ignored by Google and can hurt your brand’s authoritativeness.

Below is an example of a low-quality link that is placed on the sidebar with several other sites that are completely irrelevant to the body text.

Spammy website example

Segment 3: Domain Authority – Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is building a transparent and user-friendly site. Users want to feel that your site can be trusted with their personal information. Building a site that looks clean and is secure will help boost your trustworthiness to users.

The next thing Sam and Kevin get into is reviews. While reviews started as a way to rate high-level professionals, it has now become a way for users to evaluate trust. BrightLocal states that over 70% of consumers will leave a review if asked. And because Google is now looking at how responsive companies are to their reviews; it is hugely important for brands to have a stellar website and online presence.

Bonus fact: Google’s original slogan was “don’t be evil”!

Segment 4: Voice Search

Talk is that almost 50% of online searches will be voice searches by 2020. Sam mentions that voice search is important to consider only if you are already ranking high on the SERP for that search query. So instead of trying to optimize your page for voice search, optimize it to be featured at the top of the SERP.

More than half of voice search results come from the featured snippet. There are ways to optimize your page in hopes of being the featured snippet. Adding snippet bait, or 40/60 words that are optimized to answer questions give you a good chance of being featured as the snippet in the SERP.

screenshot of SERP screenshot of voice search

As you can see in the above images, not only is Layla Sleep ranking for the featured snippet on the SERP, but it also is the number one voice search result.

This concludes another insightful episode of “This Week in Marketing”. In the next episode our hosts Kevin and Sam will continue with what else we can expect to see in 2020 in terms of digital marketing, so stay tuned!


About the Hosts:

Kevin Svec is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. in San Diego. When Kevin isn’t working on creating awesome content with the AMA San Diego, he is either rock climbing, hanging out at the beach, or working on his travel + leisure website, Impulsive Wanderlust. He recently published an article on Traveling with Dogs.

Sam Wheeler is the co-host of AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing podcast and an expert in the digital marketing space. He specializes in helping brands ranging from small businesses to large enterprise organizations to boost their online presence. Some of his current projects include supporting national brands like TransUnion ShareAble for Hires and several local disrupters.